Our customers sometimes tell us that they put off various home improvement projects because they thought the price was going to be so much more expensive than it turned out to be. These are not everyday purchases and many times you have no idea if something will cost $200, $2000, or $10,000! We thought it might be helpful to share some recent typical installations with you. We think you will find that many projects are surprisingly affordable.

In November, we installed a popular medium quality frieze carpet with a top-of-the-line pad in the family room for a client in Marietta. The room size was 333 square feet, and the price included moving furniture and pull-up and

disposal of the existing carpet and pad. The total was a little over $1200, including sales tax.

A larger carpeting project in November was an installation in Woodstock consisting of 4 bedrooms, closets, vanity area, family room, hall and 2 staircases. Our client chose a best selling medium quality frieze with 8lb padding. The installation included furniture moving and removing the existing carpet and pad. The square footage was 1642 and the total cost was approximately $5700, including sales tax.