In & Out

What's In What's Out
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there has been a lot of heart surgery going on lately. Some of the features that we have loved, and some we have not loved, are going away. Other new trends are moving in. Joy or sorrow? You decide:

Pot Racks are over. This was a trend you either loved or hated. And if you loved it, you will probably keep yours, and that is fine. Some kitchens really benefit from having the extra space they provide by freeing up under-cabinet space. To some they say "A serious cook lives here" and other folks feel they make an area look messy. 

Tiled countertops are out. Honestly, have they ever been in? Sure they existed, but mostly as a budgetary issue. Countertops take too much of a beating for tile to really work. And the grout? Ugh. There are so many other choices that tile on the countertop, while it may look great with some really special tile (think Mexican Azulejos) it's just not practical in the long term.

Regarding the next two trends, one surprises us, and one doesn't---The over the stove microwave is, well, over. Still seems like a practical place to put it to us, but maybe it is just not pretty enough. As kitchens become really recognized as "the new Family Room" maybe there is not a place for something that is just basically utilitarian. It is not attractive, you don't stand there and watch things become beautiful brown and toasty, or get lulled into a trance from the incredible smells emanating from it. It just does it's job, fast, and it's over.

Here's one that surprises no one: the kitchen desk is out. Well known as the place that everything gets put down on and never touched again, the kitchen desk has almost never been used as a de facto desk, just an area that must be cleared up and cleaned up before company comes over. Is ANYONE sorry to see the end of the kitchen desk? We think not.

With all of the looks and trends that are on the way out, you may ask, "What is coming in?"

Well, there are some fun ones. Let's look-

In general, anything "organic" is in, and by this we don't mean grown without chemicals, but organic in form or nature. Shape as well as composition-- cotton and linen, for instance, instead of nylon and rayon. This applies to everything, from sofa cushions and dinnerware to swimming pools. Real plants in the home, carpet fibers that are nubby, lines that are softer, wood floors that are more matte and natural looking versus highly shiny. Handmade pottery and ceramics are SO in. 

Wallpaper is back! It is new and improved, and often available in a removable, and even reusable, form. And there are some gorgeous prints and patterns! What could be better? Well, maybe our wall product Vercade, which is a wood or stone look product made specifically for wall applications. Super easy and very attractive. We have a wall of it in the store-- come and see it! But, wallpaper! Mostly available on the internet, and we are happy to see it back on the market!

Lastly, arches and other architecturally interesting shapes are BIG! Arches, lanterns, raindrops, hexagons, rhombus, these are all shapes that we are seeing in carpets, and especially in tile. We are swooning over these! Floor, backsplash, accent wall-- wherever you want to put something beautiful and unique, we've got youcovered. Come and see!          

What's New In The Design Center
We've been busy receiving new products and updating the showroom with new displays.  It's truly "out with the old and in with the new!" If you have not been in lately, you will want to be sure to see beautiful new carpets from KarastanTuftexMohawk, and DreamWeaver.  The patterned designs are gorgeous! We have a new laminate area featuring the new Mohawk RevWood Plus and RevWood Select waterproof styles. We also have new porcelain and ceramic tiles from Mohawk.  Come in today and replace your outdated floors with these very in floors!

I Was Floored By Enhance
Samantha in Sandy Springs writes:"Enhance Floors put down some vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen and laundry room. They were very professional. They answered all our questions whenever we had anything. They went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the job, and we were. They're A+."

Thank you for the nice review, Samantha.  And we appreciate the recent referral of your neighbor.  Enjoy your floors and spending your Decorating Dollars!

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