Money Saving Ideas For 2012

We all want our money to stretch further. Some things are out of our control, like taxes and gas prices.

Year-end data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the average American family spent $48,000 in 2011. The three major categories that families spent their money on are:
•Housing - 30 percent
•Transportation - 15 percent
•Food - 12 percent
There are some easy things we can do that can really add up. For example, reducing your expenditures on food by 5% would save the typical family almost $600 this year.

Here are some ideas:
~price shop your cable, internet, and phone plans
~turn down your water heater before you leave for vacation
~consider energy efficiency when appliance shopping
~unplug appliances and phone chargers when not in use
~make sure all your electrical devices are on a surge protector, especially your entertainment center and computer equipment
~check GasBuddy (internet or Smartphone app) before you fill up to find the lowest prices close to you
~keep tires properly inflated, don't speed
~stock up when there is a big sale on items that have a long shelf life, such as toothpaste, toilet tissue, paper towels, deodorant, most cleaning supplies, and products for your car
~take your lunch to work one more day a week than you do now
~sign up for free store loyalty/rewards programs everywhere you shop
~invest in a deep freezer
~pack food and drink before your go on a road trip
~rediscover your crock pot and use on busy days instead of picking up fast food
~do holiday shopping right after the holiday (this works for all holidays: for example, buy your Valentine's cards for next year on February 15)
~go through all the financial deals you have - whether it's car insurance or a savings account - to see whether they're still competitive