Look at your guest bedroom as if you were the one spending several nights there. Some things to consider include the mattress, pillows, and linens. Be sure there is a place to set down the suitcase. Clear the room of collections and clutter. Your guest needs space for their things. Be sure there is a clock and a comfy place to sit in the room.

Make sure there is plenty of hanging clothes storage, a supply of 6 to 8 hangers and adequate drawer space. Check out the lighting in the room. Is there a light control near the bed so your guest does not have to stumble around in the dark? A light to read by? A night light?

Also consider your window coverings. Be sure to provide privacy as well as light control. A nice blind is an inexpensive solution that allows your guest to determine how much light to allow into the room.

Necessary basics include paper and pen, scissors, tissue, and a hair dryer. Lighted make-up mirrors are always nice. Be sure your guest knows where your iron and ironing board is.