Bliss Carpets! Beaulieu of America makes Bliss just up the road in Dalton. This unique carpet was created for and by today's busy women and features built in stain resistance and Magic Fresh technology. Magic Fresh works to capture and absorb common household pollutants from the air (for example, pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking odors) and destroys them over time. Bliss also features Silver Release antimicrobial technology that imbeds silver and copper ions into each carpet fiber to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist mold and mildew. These two features keep the Bliss carpet in your home cleaner and fresher for the life of the carpet.
Choose from traditional textures, fashion forward friezes, and elegant pin dots in 68 rich and vibrant colors. You'll love these soft yet super-durable carpets--be sure to ask to see Bliss when you visit our showroom.