What's The Best Floor For Me?

You may already know that we here at Enhance are serious animal advocates. We have rescued, birthed, and raised two litters of kittens here in the store, and have all personally fostered and housed many many dogs on their way to their furever home. On any given day you may or may not find a pup in our office.

So, when a customer comes into the store and says they need floors that are compatible with their four dogs, or that they have a dog who has special "needs", or they are changing carpet because their old cat passed away, we all immediately zone in on them! We love other animal people!

We have an answer for your animal related floor needs whether you want carpet, wood, or some other hard surface. Almost all our carpets have some level of pet protection, from a standard Scotchgard, up to the Mohawk All Pet warranty, which promises that ANYthing that comes out of ANY pet is covered. And we know all about "pet proof" pads with liners and antimicrobial treatments to help with any smells.

Hard surface flooring offers a dizzying array of choices these days, and they all offer various benefits. Wood of course is beautiful and comes in so many different colors, widths, and finishes. If you want to have wood floors and dogs, we will steer you towards a wood that is already more distressed, so that every paw print and every nail scratch will not send you into a panic.

Laminate is the toughest floor of all, other than real tile, so if you're a dog lover, and especially if you have big dogs, laminate is a great alternative. Laminate has come a long way in looks, so if you haven't looked lately, come check it out again.

The category that has made revolutionary changes in the past couple of years is vinyl. Thirty years ago, we all had sheet vinyl in our kitchens. It was so practical, and came in lots of patterns and styles. But, what we have now shares almost nothing in common with that product except a name!

Luxury Vinyl, also referred to as LVP or LVT, comes in wood style planks or tiles that look like, well, tile. The graphics on both are excellent, especially the wood looks, which are incredibly realistic. Today's vinyl is a thicker product, usually meant to be installed "floating" which means with little or no adhesive, and the product clicks together.  Don't get tripped up on the "luxury" title, it is a hardworking, super practical flooring choice. It is extremely water resistant, and some are even classified as water proof! And don't freak out over the word "vinyl"---these floors do not look cheap or like plastic.

LVP and LVT can be installed over an imperfect floor, as they are thick and sturdy enough to hide some minor floor imperfections, and our installers know how to do the prep and levelling that is sometimes needed. They are easier on the feet and joints than tile, and more family and dog friendly than wood. The planks are usually 5 to 7 inches wide, which gives them a very up to date look. We have installed LVT in basements, kitchens, playrooms, and even in commercial offices.

We carry Mohawk, Armstrong, Tarkett, CoreTec, Mannington, and Congoleum Luxury vinyl floors. If you have a need for a new floor that is hard working, impervious to water, and gorgeous, come in and see the new vinyl floors- you will be amazed!

Design Tip
When selecting a real or faux wood floor for your home, color is the biggest decision that most of our clients agonize over.  Very dark floors have been popular for the past four or five years, but many homeowners have learned that super dark floors are hard to take care of---they show every little scratch or ding or dog hair or speck of dust. Really red tones are not currently in vogue, and maybe you aren't ready yet for grey or white washed floors. What's left?
Consider brownish, mid-tone colors like Provincial, Special Walnut, and Chestnut.  Special Walnut is a little browner than Provincial, and Chestnut is a little lighter than Special Walnut.  Provincial tends to work well in traditional homes, while Special Walnut fits well in more contemporary decors.  

And light colors have not gone away.  Lighter tones are neutral, cheerful, and make your rooms look bigger.  Consider Natural, Golden Oak and Fruitwood for wood colors that are light but not white.

Please be aware that prefinished manufacturers have their own proprietary names for colors.  What is called Butterscotch in one line may be called Golden in another. Look for the color, not the name as you shop.

It's Like Free Money
We reward our clients for referring their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family to us.  When someone you recommended to us makes a purchase and mentions your name, you will get Decorating Dollars that you can use at Enhance Floors & More on your next purchase.  Think it doesn't happen? Last week we mailed out 10 certificates totaling almost $5400 in Decorating Dollars. Were you one of the lucky people that got one? If so, we will see you in the store soon!

We thank you very much for your referral.  We will take good care of your friend, we promise.