Can You Join Us?

We will have the donation bins available for the month of November, so feel free to come in and contribute any time. We will have a weekly drawing for some other big prizes throughout the month, so start your holiday preparation by cleaning out that pantry and bringing in the seven cans of corn your husband bought, or the pet food you bought and never used. We would love to pass it on to someone who needs it!

Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, with Christmas and New Year's following right behind.  If you are thinking you may need some new floors before you entertain for the holidays, you'd better hurry! We are filling up our installation schedule quickly.  There are spots left, but they are going fast, so come on in and talk with us about your project so we can get started ASAP.

While you are thinking about getting ready for Thanksgiving, first and foremost, get your kitchen ready to be your main work station. Start at the top, and vacuum down all those cobwebs hanging up there. Then wipe down your cabinet fronts with a solution of warm water, white vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Next, clear off all the counter space. If your family is like mine, that tends to be a "drop zone." We walk in the house, put down whatever we're carrying, and then leave most of it there. 

 I have a stack of books that someone returned to me on the kitchen counter that I am sure has been there 3 months! De-clutter your countertops and only keep out what you use every day (COFFEE!) And swing back by the pantry--is there anything there out of date, or that you will just never use? Get rid of it! 2 crackers left in the bottom of the box? Toss!  After you have purged the pantry and cleaned the counters, give the floor a thorough cleaning.  Now go sit down and start your shopping list.

Quick Design Tip
Update a room in minutes with a new area rug.  Stained carpet or scratched up wood floors are immediately hidden with a room sized rug.  If you have a really large room, consider using more than one rug in the space, or creating a custom rug in the carpet and size that you select and have it made for you.  Come by Enhance Floors & More and see what we have in stock (prices as low as $99) or we will help you find the perfect rug(s) to order for your home. 

I Was Floored By Enhance
Stephanie in Marietta tells us: "I love you Enhance Floors!   Everything went well, and your people were amazing. They went above and beyond what I signed up for. The tile work and new granite countertops turned out great, and if I had questions, you quickly answered them. Enhance is a grade-A company."