Ideas For A Quick Kitchen Update

Unless you are living in your custom-designed dream home, you almost certainly want to change some things about your kitchen.  And for most of us this is very high on our home improvement to do list since we spend so many hours in our kitchens.   Company always seems to gather in our kitchen, and it is a room that should be functional as well as pretty.

If you would like to update your kitchen before the holidays, it is too late for a major kitchen update.  If a total kitchen remodel (redesign, construction, brand new cabinets) is in your future, right now you should only consider simple cosmetic changes like paint or a new rug so that you are not tearing out something later that you that you just did.  However, if you are happy with the footprint of your kitchen, then there is still plenty of time for new appliances, new countertops, a new floor and a beautiful new backsplash to be installed before the holidays.

Here are some ideas you can do over the next couple of weekends to give your kitchen a new look before the holidays:

Window Treatments
Adding new shades or blinds can dramatically change the look of any room in the house.  Covering the windows with a classic Roman shade brings a finished look to the kitchen.  Go with a color and pattern that goes with your  cabinet and wall colors, or stick with natural linen, which goes with everything.

Pendant Lighting
Swapping out a plain fluorescent ceiling fixture with something with a little more style can be done quickly and easily.  Your new pendant light can become the focal point of the room.  Don't be afraid to go big; even in a small kitchen a sizable pendant can look striking and not overpowering.

A Rich Cabinet Color
Whether you paint your cabinets or stain them a natural wood tone, a rich color is a high impact, low cost way to change the look of your kitchen.  Try a saturated hue, or use a chic grey or slate on just the lower cabinets 

New Countertops
In one afternoon you can have brand new granite or quartz countertops installed in your kitchen.  Expect to spend a minimum of$3500 for a medium sized kitchen, including a new sink and the necessary plumbing.  Our best-selling granites tend to be lighter colors:  Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornamental, and Ashen White.  Quartz is another popular choice, especially for those wanting ultimate stain resistance and durability.  And if you want white countertops, in our opinion, a subtle quartz countertop is the best way to go if you actually cook in your kitchen.

Wall Paint
If you don't want to paint or re-stain the cabinets, another way to bring in color is to paint the walls.  With all the appliances and cabinetry your kitchen wall space is fairly limited, therefore making it an easy project to do.  Since not a lot of wall space is visible, the color is also less likely to overwhelm. 

Upscale Counter Stools
There are so many options when it comes to kitchen counter seating that there is no reason to just stick with plain bar stools, unless you want to.  You can try classic bistro stools, sculptural wooden stools or sleek Lucite stools.  Regardless of what you pick, adding a more upscale look to your counter stools can enhance the kitchen as a whole.

Glass Cabinet Fronts
Update old cabinets by having several of the doors replaced with glass fronts.  This costs far less than replacing the whole cabinets and can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.  Just remember, whatever is in the glass front cabinets will be visible at all times, so pick a few to do and commit to keeping the interiors orderly. 

Use A Rug
If you've shied away from using a rug in the kitchen for fear of spills and stains, why not try a chic indoor-outdoor version?  These rugs come in beautiful patterns and colors, are easy to clean and very resilient.  If you're not afraid of spills, lay down a beautiful oriental rug.  Rugs made from wool or other natural materials can be quite forgiving when it comes to stain removal as long as you act promptly.

Decorative Details
Framed artwork on the wall can add polish to any kitchen.  Instead of doing just kitchen art, get some pieces you could also hang elsewhere in the house.  Also an armful of seasonal branches plunked in a tall vase is an easy way to boost the ambience of your kitchen. 

Mirrors are unexpected in the kitchen and, just like in any other space, can boost light.  Hanging a simple, small mirror in the breakfast area can add just the right touch.  Pair it with a small table lamp or wall sconce and you will create a warm, inviting feel.

New Floors
Totally update your kitchen with new flooring.  We install hardwood flooring in many kitchens.  Wood performs wonderfully in most kitchens, though if you have a very active family with kids and dogs, you may want to consider a more forgiving floor covering.   Worried about spills?  Consider luxury vinyl, available in wood and tile looks, a very moisture resistant option.   Porcelain and ceramic tile is another easy-to-care-for choice, and the new stain resistant grouts make maintenance a breeze.
Love some of these ideas but maybe you aren't handy or are chronically time challenged?  Then hurry and call Enhance Floors & More because many of these projects are services that we proudly offer to our clients.  Relax......we're here to help!