More About The More

One thing we get a lot, when people are in our showroom for the first time, is "Oh, I didn't know you did that!"  Folks come in expecting to see floors, because, well, that's our name "Enhance Floors and More" but not much thought is given to the "More" part of that. Well, we do a lot more.

We do Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling, and all the component parts involved in these. We also do staircase makeovers,including new balusters, handrails, and newel posts. We offer design consultations, complementary in the store, for a fee in your home. We sell and install Hunter Douglas window treatments.  Countertops, yes, we do that too! We carry an extensive line of tile, for floors, walls, backsplashes, and showers. We carry an assortment of area rugs here in the store, and also offer special order from several different rug manufacturers. 

Up And Down
A common question when a client is updating their staircase is do have to have carpet?  The choice on whether to carpet your staircase or leave it with the wood exposed really depends on how the stairs have been constructed, the materials and the condition. Don't assume that you have usable wood all the way under your staircase carpet.  Many times, what is under the carpet is plywood, or pine, or some other material that is not attractive.  
Sometimes fully carpeting the stairs is the only option. Fully carpeted stairs are the default for many homeowners. They can provide a generally practical and hard wearing surface, comfort underfoot and can offer immediate impact and a visual change for those seeking an update to their interior. And often there is an option to do both---exposed wood with a decorative runner added. There are pros and cons to runners, as well as pros and cons to leaving the stairs bare.

Carpet runners leave the edges of the stairs visible. Runners are ideal when you don't want to fully cover your beautiful stairway. Runners will add some warmth without hiding the flooring. Most homeowners opt for boldly patterned runners to add detail and texture to an otherwise neutral space. Find a unique pattern that blends in with the surrounding décor but still draws the eyes towards the staircase. 

You can also opt for neutral subtly patterned carpeting if you want a plain minimalist style. This is also where you can add some interest with texture. We can create a runner for your stairs from any carpet in the store-- that's a LOT of choices!

Runners can provide safety benefits, especially for those who are more susceptible to falls, such as the elderly and small children. Large dogs, too, are more comfortable on a staircase with a runner. Wood stairs can be more slippery underfoot and the hard surface is likely to cause injury in the event of a fall, making it less desirable for those who are not as steady on their feet. Runners also offer soundproofing advantages, which can be particularly useful for a large household where children and dogs are galloping up and down the stairs. Bare stairs are beautiful, however, and super easy to clean.

Splish Splash
Another one of our favorite "creations" is helping a customer get rid of their old outdated and sometimes impractical shower, and create a beautiful new space. Showers should be beautiful-- that's where most of us start our day! It is part body and hair cleansing, part therapy!  It should be a place that makes you feel happy and grounded, ready to face the world. We have created some really gorgeous showers and bathrooms.  

While the tile is the star of the show in the shower, there's another component that is vitally important, that gets very little attention, because it just stands there and does its job: the shower glass!  The glass is such an integral part of a beautiful shower, but something to which we give very little thought. 

We do offer some alternatives when you are composing your new shower space. You can choose from clear glass, rain glass, or frosted glass, as well as several finishes for your hardware. Lately, almost everyone chooses a silver tone finish, whether it is polished or shiny, nickel, stainless, or chrome.

Replacing your shower curtain with a wall of glass is going to visually enlarge your bathroom, as well as show off your beautiful new tile design inside the shower. It will provide less opportunities for mold and mildew to accumulate. When we finish off your shower with beautiful new frameless glass, it will be perfectly fitted to your space, and the door will meet usually within a sixteenth of an inch. Perfect shower glass cannot be prefabricated, because walls are never exactly square. 

You would be amazed at the difference a new frameless glass shower makes to the look of your bathroom! Come in and let us show you how great your new bathroom can be!

How Much Does It Cost? Part 1
A typical staircase has 13 steps.  The price range for staircase carpet is wide, based primarily on the style and fiber selected.  A "good" quality cut pile carpet, nothing fancy, installs between $600 and $900. Patterned carpets (cut and loop, Berbers) typically install between $1000 and $1400.  A print carpet (think of a Persian rug), usually wool, will install starting around $2000 and go up from there.

How Much Does It Cost? Part 2
Since every shower size is different, and frameless glass shower doors are not prefabricated, there aren't set linear prices for the doors.  Each door is custom made for your shower. Most range between $1600 and $2200 installed.

Design Tip
You keep hearing about bohemian (boho) design.  How to define it--it's artsy, random, eclectic, devoid of structure and order, rooms that are bright, colorful, and patterned. The boho color palette leans heavily on earthy tones: think browns and greens, jewel tones, and metallics. Pattern is also key, as many bohemian textiles come from exotic places around the world, like Persian rugs and Ikat from Southeast Asia.

But bohemian design isn't just about incorporating these elements--it's about not being afraid to mix and layer them. Colors and patterns don't necessarily have to "go" together; what makes it unique is how they are combined and unconventional ways they are used, such as hanging a rug in addition to using one on the floor.  Boho style features textiles that are slightly worn, vintage furniture, items that are natural or handmade, all with a no rules, anything goes attitude. 

I Was Floored By Enhance
Allison in Acworth writes: "We were more than happy! It was excellent work, no complaints, and I'm absolutely 100% likely to recommend them to someone. Enhance did the hardwoods for the whole downstairs, up the stairs, and down the hall.  It was asizable job and they did it quick and clean."

Thank you, Allison.  You have done a lot of work at your home over the past few years, and we are proud to have been a part of the transformation.