Thinking About Updating Your Bathroom?

The bathroom can be the easiest room in your house to re-decorate. Here are some ideas from

First, choose your shower curtain, since it is the biggest source of color in your bathroom besides the walls. Find one with a nice design, although a solid color also works.

Paint your walls in a color that matches one of the colors in the shower curtain pattern. If you chose a shower curtain with a solid color, pick a complementary color. Remember, light colors make the bathroom appear larger. Take your curtain to the paint store to compare it with color choices.

Add new towel racks. Putting them by the bathtub or over the toilet are good, convenient locations. Also, have some places for your hand towels by the sink. All racks should be the same style.

Hang towels that match the shower curtain. Don't use the same exact color that you painted the walls. Take some extra towels, roll them up, and place in a small basket placed on the floor for a little extra pizzazz.

Purchase rugs for the bathroom floor that match the towel colors. You need at least one rug for in front of the bathtub. Placing rugs by the sink and toilet are optional, depending on the size of the bathroom.

NOTE: If you cannot use a shower curtain in your bathroom, use a patterned rug(s) as the base for your color scheme. You do not have to choose bathroom rugs. I had stair runners made into rugs years ago and use two of them in my master bath. They have held up beautifully.

Add accessories as the final touch. Accessories like toothbrush holders, tissue holders, and a soap dispenser can be the icing on the cake, so don't be too frugal when you select the style. Candles on the vanity, on the bathtub corners, or above the toilet also add a designer touch to the décor.

Find some unique way to personalize the bathroom. Adding a thrift shop dresser as a storage solution or a sink vanity can really look classy. Collections, such as antique bottles or containers, can be artfully arranged on a shelf as a design statement while also serving as holders for lotions and specialty soaps.