2024 Coming at you! And what will it look like? BLUE!


Whether it’s wall-to-wall paint, a small piece of decor, or both, the color blue will be THE color this year. Whether it’s Baby, Duck’s Egg, Robin’s Egg, Navy, Royal or Powder, blue will be IN! Find the right shade of blue, and it’ll feel just as calming as it is invigorating, balancing a sense of both tranquility and energy that we all need.

Don't want to commit to blue? Existing trends, like the use of warm neutrals (and not stark whites) will continue into the new year, as primary shades in home interiors.

Add Texture to Your Home

Continuing from previous years, designers have been gravitating toward ways to add more texture back. Textures can instantly add more visual interest and help bring more charm to a space than flat, harsh edges can. Furniture finishes, flooring, decorative pieces, and walls can all add to the textures included in your home.

Appliance garages are a helpful kitchen feature for visually decluttering the space. They can conceal countertop appliances, such as blenders, coffee makers and toasters while keeping them easily accessible and organized. (A win-win in our minds!) According to Houzz, appliance garages are regaining popularity in kitchens as homeowners seek ways to declutter their homes while also incorporating more gadgets in the kitchen.


Herringbone is next on the trending list. Everywhere, anything. Herringbone floors, herringbone backsplashes, herringbone accent walls, herringbone pattern blankets and throws, herringbone everywhere!

Throw Color Everywhere

People love a good garden moment, but there's one type you might not have heard of that's taking root in people's homes: sensory gardens. These are spaces designed to engage all five senses for therapeutic benefits, and they incorporate a variety of plants, textures, colors, scents, sounds and edible elements, such as herbs or produce. Zillow reports that listings mentioning sensory gardens or pathways are up 314 percent compared to last year. What a great idea!


Murals, which you can paint onto a surface or paper on, are very IN. Murals are showing up 18 percent more often in for-sale homes on Zillow as homeowners and home buyers are seeking more personality-packed homes.

The personality factor is growing in the furniture realm as well. Less beige and grey -- make it wow! Deep saturated jewel colors are everywhere: emeralds, amethysts, rubies, and sapphires abound. And while you’re at it, go ahead and make that furniture the good stuff -- investable class.

Stark white kitchens, gray cabinets, over-the-range microwaves, and trash compactors are on their way out.

Color, big windows, and more walls are IN. Open floor plans are losing their place in the spotlight.

And while shiplap has fallen out of popularity, painted wood walls are IN.


In fixtures, gold will be number one for faucets, followed by stainless steel and black. When it comes to the actual finish, matte, brushed, or satin will be preferred—probably because they hide smudges and fingerprints way better than polished finishes!

And on a related note, if you’re curious about sink trends, the ultra cool workstation kitchen sink, (which usually features cutting boards, strainers, and drying rack) is becoming immensely popular.

So, there are lots of changes coming this way in the look (and feel, and smell) of 2024! Incorporate those that you like and can afford, but always remember, you are the arbiter of what works for you and your family! Have a wonderful year!

And How To Pay For It

Who doesn't like saving money? Or getting a nice bonus when you make a purchase? Clark Howard’s team recently researched the various rewards credit cards to suggest the best credit cards for large purchases.

Credit Cards

There are several factors to consider before picking a card to use for your large purchases, including: 

  • Which card will give you the best welcome bonus offer? When choosing a credit card primarily for one major purchase, you are likely to find that picking the right bonus offer could be worth hundreds of dollars. There are credit cards that offer more than $500 in bonuses, but those are usually cards with sizeable annual fees. Finding a solid bonus from a card with no or low annual fees may be best for you.
  • How will the card you pick maximize the rewards potential for the purchase? This will be a substantial part of the potential cash back you could earn from the purchase. If you pick a card that rewards just 1% on your type of purchase, you may be leaving money on the table. Look for at least 2% back on the purchase, but know that some cards may offer 5% back or more on certain spending categories.
  • Do you need an introductory APR period to serve as short-term financing for the purchase? If you’re using this credit card as a way to finance a large purchase, you may find that an introductory 0% APR period is an important piece of your decision. Some cards offer as many as 21 months at 0%, but you will want to make sure you pay the balance in full prior to the end of the advertised period to avoid interest charges.
  • Can you get extra benefits that protect your purchase? Depending on the type of purchase you’re making, using the proper credit card could extend the length of the warranty on your new item. You also could receive purchase protection in case the item is lost or damaged.
  • What is the long-term viability of the card after this purchase? It’s easy to get caught up in finding the best offer for your large purchase, but you may also want to consider how this card fits into your wallet for the years ahead. If you’re not running balances, you can use things like annual fees and rewards for everyday purchases as your guide.

Best Credit Cards for Large Purchases

Team Clark has analyzed the rewards credit card market with those factors in mind. Here’s the link to the specific cards that were recommended: Best Credit Cards for a Large Purchase in 2024 (clark.com)

We also see a lot of clients using their American Express cards for Membership Rewards points or Delta SkyMiles.

Even if you have the cash in hand, it’s always worth taking a look at other options to see if something offers a nice financial bonus for you.

Membership Rewards

Wonderful World of Window Treatments

Interior design trends for 2024 continue to evolve and take shape. Some of the upcoming design trends have grown in popularity over previous years, and that includes all things sustainability, with trends moving toward nature-inspired design and energy savings. Let’s look at these some of these top trends to see what window treatments are in style for 2024 and how to make them work for you.

Interior Design with Sustinability

Interior Design with Sustainability in Mind

As more and more people realize how individual choice can make an impact, individual households are prioritizing home decor upgrades that keep sustainability in mind. Overall, we are seeing a rising demand for window treatment materials and designs that are kind to the environment and have a lower impact on the planet, In 2024, consider window treatments made from sustainable fabrics and materials, such as:

  • Woven wood shades, which are hand-woven from an assortment of sustainably sourced reeds, bamboo, and grasses
  • Duette® Cellular Shades, available in a selection of sustainable and recycled fabrics
  • Designer Solar Shades made from a Hunter Douglas exclusive GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ fabric, made from a yarn woven from recycled sea plastic.

Embrace Nature

Embrace Nature Through Color in Window Treatments

Boring neutrals are falling out of style in favor of nature-based colors like icy grays, crisp blues, and greens. We see this trend in fabric window coverings like Roman and roller shades, with more people choosing colors and patterns in organic tones. If you prefer a neutral shade for your window treatments, consider adding accent color with paint or wallpaper.

You can also add drapes or curtains that have color, particularly if you’re selecting neutral shades. During the warmer months, your drapery can frame your windows. In the colder months, they provide an extra layer over your window for warmth and energy savings.

For curtains, interior design trends for 2024 involve two-toned colors, with one tone on top and a darker shade on the bottom for a luxe layered look.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings are Always in Style

As energy prices continue to creep up, people are looking for ways to save money. Cutting back on energy costs in the home is an easy way to do that— and why not save in style when you upgrade to energy efficient window coverings? After all, up to 30% of your home’s energy loss happens at your windows.

It’s no secret that energy efficient window coverings are trending in 2024 with cellular shades and motorization options receiving a lot of interest online and in store. Some of the most popular energy efficient window coverings are: 

  • Duette® Cellular Shades: These unique shades are constructed with a unique honeycomb shaped cellular design. The cells trap air and press against the window to form insulating layer. We offer more than 150 color and fabric options, including recycled fabrics, for an ultra-efficient design and stylish look for any home.
  • Duette® Architella® Cellular Shades: These upgraded cellular honeycomb shades offer a special honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design for an added level of insulation for those spaces that require even more energy efficiency.
  • Sonnette® Roller Shades: This unique combination of a cellular shade and roller shade combines energy efficiency with the simplicity of roller shades. They’re available in 40 color and fabric combinations and look great when paired with custom drapes.
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Contact Us for Your Window Treatment Design Upgrade in 2024

When it comes to what window treatments are in style for 2024, interior design trends reflect a culture gearing up for sustainability across all its facets, with designs inspired by nature at the forefront. Whether you’re interested in environmentally friendly aspects of design or the look of natural tones, or if you’re looking to save on your energy bills in the coming new year, our expert design specialists at Enhance Floors and More can help you find the fashion- forward, high-quality options you crave.

Window Treatments

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