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Staircases FAQ's


What are treads? Risers?

Treads are the part of the stair you step on. Risers are the piece of wood (painted or stained) that is to the back of and perpendicular to the tread.

What are balusters? Shoes?

Balusters are the decorative pieces (wood or iron) that help support the handrailing of your staircase. Shoes are small wrought iron pieces that are attached to the bottom and sometimes the top of the baluster. The bottom of the baluster is square and the hole that is drilled is round and oversized. Shoes disguise this.

What are newel posts?

Newel posts are the large oversized posts that support the handrail.

What is the price range of a staircase makeover?

A typical staircase with new treads and risers will cost around $2100. A staircase (13 steps) with all new balusters will average between $1300 and $1500. A staircase TOTALLY redone (new treads and risers, new balusters, handrails, and newel posts—not including new carpet) usually costs around $5000--$8000. Adding a carpet runner will range between $600 and $2000, depending upon the cost of the carpet chosen and the details of the installation.

Are there minimum labor charges?

Yes. Our minimum labor charge is $600. Even seemingly small staircase makeovers are very time consuming. The skill, precise measuring, and time involved are the reasons for the labor minimums. Each staircase is truly a custom project.

If I replace my treads, do I have to replace my balusters?

Yes, your balusters must be replaced. We can probably reuse your existing handrails.

Do I have to take my handrails off when I am having new balusters installed?

Sometimes, especially if your current balusters are not up to code. Your handrails may even need to be replaced. We can discuss this further during your In Home Estimate.

Are there building code requirements to adhere to when doing a staircase makeover?

Yes, our work should be up to code. Again, we can discuss this further during your In Home Estimate.

What are the standards for baluster spacing? How far apart?

The balusters must not allow passage of a 4" sphere.

Can I have my handrails and newel posts sanded and refinished instead of buying new?

You can. If you are refinishing your existing rails and posts, you will have to choose a darker stain color. If you want a lighter shade, replacement is your only option

How do I decide if I want to go with a painted riser or a stained riser?

Look at pictures to determine your preference (ask to see our photo album!) If you stain your risers, the wood stain color becomes very dominant. A painted riser makes it easier to differentiate each tread and draws your eye toward the staircase.
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Do you paint the wood (risers, skirtboards, etc.) if I want it painted?

We can, but painting is not included in our standard pricing. We are flooring installers, not professional painters. We prime the wood pieces so that they are ready for painting. We do have an excellent painter on staff and can provide you with a separate painting estimate if you would like us to. Also, plan on doing the painting last. That way you don't have to worry about touch-up painting, etc.

How long does an average staircase makeover take to complete?

Depending upon the detail of the makeover, the redo may take as little as one day and as many as five to six days. Your sales consultant can better answer this once the scope of your project is known.

How do I design my balusters?

You will have fun designing your balusters! We have samples in our showroom of the most popular styles. You can set up a time to meet with a design consultant in our showroom who can use our samples to assist you in visualizing how your custom design will look.

What are the most popular wrought iron baluster styles?

The most popular iron baluster styles are baskets, twists, knuckles, spoons, and diamonds. The most popular finishes are satin black and oil rubbed bronze. We have samples of all of these in our showroom.

What is the baluster installation process?

The old balusters are removed and the new balusters are cut and epoxied into place. This can usually be done in one day.

How do I care for and clean wrought iron balusters?

Feather dusting is all you need to do!