We are all ready for spring!

This year winter has refused to go away.  We are all ready for spring!  These are some quick and inexpensive ways to freshen and update your home and banish the winter blahs!

~~~display vases of fruit (lemons, limes, tangerines) and fresh flowers
~~~add new pillows and throws in spring colors
~~~change out bedspreads and comforters for   lighter fabrics and colors
~~~how about a new set of dishes in fun colors
~~~new cushions for your patio furniture
~~~make an outdoor serving cart for impromptu entertaining
~~~small chiminea for your patio for the cool spring eveningsc~~~a clean and stocked bird feeder
~~~add an outdoor rug
~~~wind chimes placed near windows that you normally have open
~~~a new wreath for your front door
~~~add accessories like candles and lanterns (indoors & outdoors) in fun new colors
~~~new shower curtain and accessories for your bathroom

We Are New Too
Have you noticed our new logo and the crisp clean design of our newsletter?  We were ready for a change too!  We have also launched an updated website.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.

How Much Does It Cost
We have had several clients recently having a hard time deciding what type of product is best.  Wood for the kitchen or tile?  Carpet for the stairs and hall or hardwood?  Laminate for the sunroom or luxury vinyl?  Each type of flooring has a unique look and feel, and each has its' own list of pros and cons.  Plus the costs are usually very different.  For some of us, just knowing the approximate cost helps us know which direction we need to go. 
Here is a grid of approximate prices for a typical 300 square foot family room.  All of these floors will look great in a family room.  These prices are fully installed.  As you can see, there is a wide range, based on the quality you choose.
                                 "GOOD"          "BETTER"          "BEST"Carpet                       $750                  $1200               $1800
Hardwood              $2000               $2600               $3500
Laminate                   $1400               $1800               $2400
Tile                             $2400               $3000              $5000
Luxury Vinyl            $1400                $1800              $2800
Meet with an Enhance Design Consultant and we will show you all of your options and assist you in making the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.  We're here to help!
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