Tis the Season

Don't you just LOVE this time of year? Everyone has the holiday spirit, packages are under the tree, something yummy is in the kitchen, and it's a great time of year to re-connect with family and friends you don't get to see as often as you'd like.

Guess who else loves this time of year? People who want to take what's yours! Burglars, con men, porch pirates! Not to make you feel paranoid, but they are out there, watching and waiting.  Waiting for you to give them the opportunity to take what belongs to you. Your belongings, your gifts, your feelings of security and seasonal joy. So, don't make it easy for them! There are many small actions you can take to thwart those would-be thieves.

Firstly, home security is much more affordable and less challenging to install than it used to be. There are systems that can be easily installed and synced with your smart phone. They can include cameras in multiple locations, telephone alerts, and can even feature motion triggered lighting.

One caution that is prevalent in anything you read is to never, ever, post on social media about your activities, especially going out of town! We have seen one report that stated that in 2019, four out of five burglars used social networks to know when people weren't going to be home! It's practically an invitation- "Hey, we're going to a Christmas party, we'll be gone until late, come on over and help yourselves!" So, save your posts until the next day and announce what fun you had.

And when you are away from home, have a friend or neighbor come in at least once a day. Ask them to pick up newspapers, gather the mail, turn lights on and off, even move the car if you are leaving one in the driveway. And speaking of the car, do you have a garage door opener in the car? If so, be sure you lock the garage door while you are gone. Yes, almost all of them are lockable. And if you routinely leave a spare key outside, think of a new place to leave it. Not under the same rock, under the mat, or over the sill. And while you are out there choosing a new hiding place, check the outdoor light fixtures at the driveway,walkway, and over the front door. Is everything in good working order?

Don't leave the ladder up after you have put up the Christmas lights--secure it down somewhere so as not to give someone easy access to your upstairs windows. Be sure your gifts are not visible from windows. They look pretty from the outside as well as the inside! Have packages sent to you at work instead of home. 

And candles. Yes, they are beautiful, for all the winter holidays- Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, but please be careful! Never leave them burning when you are not at home, or after you have gone to bed for the evening. Also be careful not to have anything too near to the flame! Don't let carelessness ruin your holiday.

We here at Enhance hope you have a wonderful December and all it brings. We are busy busy busy making the holidays beautiful for customers, but come in and talk to us about making your January fabulous!

You Are Invited 
to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee or soft drink and a cookie or two with us!  Take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle and come relax and recharge. We will be posting on Facebook and Instagram what's on our "menu" that day.  We look forward to chatting and catching up with you in the Design Center this holiday season.

Design Tip
Swap out your everyday dishes for a festive assortment of dishware, so even a late-night snack brings out the holiday cheer.

I Was Floored By Enhance
Jim in Marietta writes: "Enhance is the best. They are not the cheapest, they are not the most expensive, and the quality of the work is top-notch. You will not be disappointed." Thank you, Jim.  We know you are loving your new luxury vinyl plank floors.  It's so easy to take care of, isn't it?  

How Much Does It Cost?
We installed a gorgeous LVP for Jim, Przym by Armstrong, in his family room, kitchen, hall, foyer, and bathroom.  Yes, you can put this floor in a bathroom---it's waterproof! Almost 800 square feet for $6800 fully installed. And he loves it!