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Some of our most popular carpets are featured on our new Bliss Magic Fresh display. Many of these Magic Fresh styles are all very durable as well as extremely stain resistant.What is Magic Fresh? An odor reducing treatment exclusive to Bliss products that works to reduce common odors in the home, like pet, cooking, and smoking odors. When odors come into contact with Magic Fresh, they are broken down and released back into the air as harmless and odorless carbon dioxide, a lotlike how an open box of baking soda absorbs odors. And, with proper care, this treatment lasts the life of the carpet!When you see these great new carpets, you will also find the newest decorator styles, colors, and textures. Plus, many are on sale this month during our "Buy The Room" sale. If you are thinking about new flooring for your home, be sure to look at these beautiful Bliss carpets, especially if you have children and pets.