All About Area Rugs

All About Area Rugs

All About Area Rugs

Area rugs serve many purposes: to protect the floor underneath, to define a space, and to enhance and update your decor.  

Protecting the floor is a no-brainer, however, always make sure the backing of the rug and/or the rug pad will not harm the floor. Some rug backings can permanently discolor a vinyl (including LVP/LVT) floor, and certain rug pads can cause significant damage to hardwood floors. To be safe always buy your rug pads from your favorite flooring store and not at a discount or dollar store.

How does an area rug define a space? An area rug says, "This group of furniture belongs together." It unifies whatever furnishings are placed upon it. In open floor plans or multipurpose rooms, an area rug can help you designate between functional zones, as in, "this rug defines the family room and this rug defines the dining area." The size of an area rug also influences how the room feels visually---the larger your area rug, the larger your room feels (and vice versa).

How can an area rug enhance your decor? It's an opportunity to bring in colors or patterns that coordinate with the rest of your furnishings. An area rug is one of those details that makes your room's decor feel "finished." It can also help warm up or soften hard surfaces like LVP and tile flooring, which can come off looking and feeling cold underfoot.

So now that we know why you need an area rug, let's talk DOs and DON'Ts!

DON'T leave your hard surface floor bare. Having a rug makes your living room seating arrangement look better. And sound better. And feel better. As mentioned earlier, a rug is one of those don't-miss details that makes a room look finished. Rugs absorb sound and therefore make a room quieter -- a hugely important factor for those of you with kiddos running around at high decibels. Rugs also feel warmer underfoot than hard surface floors, and feel cushier if you're lounging on the floor. Even if you already have carpet, you can still add a rug---there are rugs pads available for rugs-over-carpet.

DO use appropriately-sized area rugs. As noted above, the size of your rug is immensely important, because it conveys the approximate size of the room. How do you know what size to get? Let's use a living room as an example. Some designers advocate having all of your furniture sitting within the outer perimeter of a rug, but most recommend having just the front legs of your seating pieces on top of the rug. By letting the rug run beneath the furniture, the implication in your mind's eye is that the rug continues indefinitely, and therefore, your space feels larger.

In a master bedroom, the typical placement of the rug is to run it beneath the bottom two-thirds of the bed, perpendicular to the bed. You want your area rug to be large enough that you can step down onto it when you get out of bed.

TIP: Most family rooms and master bedrooms will require an 8' x 11' rug.

DON'T  bring home the wrong-sized rug. Do your homework first (pun intended!)  Machine made rugs come in very specific sizes. The generic sizes are approximately 2' x 8' (runner), 4' x 6', 6' x 9', 8' x 11', 10' x 13' and 12' x 15'. Start by measuring your room and determine the closest rug size that is at least two feet shorter than the length and width of the room. Next measure the size you think you need in your room and place a piece of paper on each corner. This will give you an idea of where the rug will be placed. If none of these sizes work for your room, you can have a rug custom made.

DO consider a washable rug if you have pets and/or kids. Machine washable rugs tend to be thinner rugs made from synthetic fibers that can be washed in your washing machine. Larger rugs require a commercial washing machine like you would find at a laundromat. Most cannot be put in a dryer. Be sure you are using a nonslip rug pad under the washable rug; there are “petproof” rug pads available if protecting the floor underneath from liquids is a concern.

DON'T use a "postage stamp" rug. An area rug is not meant to anchor a coffee table. It's meant to anchor an entire living room furniture arrangement. So when you use an itty-bitty rug in a large seating group, it will look dwarfed in its surroundings.

DO think about what areas may be obscured by your furniture if you're considering a patterned rug. If you want to use a rug with an all-over repeat pattern, you're pretty safe, as there will be a consistent view of the pattern peeking out from around the furniture. The trick to using a rug with a larger, more asymmetrical design is to use it with furniture that has a more delicate or open/airy frame. DON'T hide special parts of your rug with big, bulky furniture.

DON'T shy away from custom options. Square and round shaped rugs are hard to find, as are off-standard sized rugs. If you think you have to settle for a too-small or too-large rug in your space, think again. We can create an area rug for you from any carpet in the showroom.

DO select your seating before your rug. As a general rule, you'll keep your sofa and chairs far longer than any rug, so they take priority in the purchasing cycle. Make sure you have those pieces nailed down before you start looking for rugs. There are an infinite number of rugs in the world but only a few sofas you will actually want in your home that fit within your space and budget. Once you know what those pieces are going to look like, you can move on to things like rugs and window treatments.

DON'T forget about a rug pad. The rug pad keeps the rug from moving and also protects the floor underneath. Rug pads also provide comfort underfoot and help the rug wear and perform better.

DO mix patterns of different proportions. If your curtains or a chair in the space features a print, you can absolutely still have a patterned rug. You just want to pick a rug with a pattern that is obviously different in scale than the other textiles sitting on or around it.

Need help finding the perfect rug for your home? Come in and see the beautiful rugs that Enhance Floors & More has in stock that you can take home today. See nothing that works? Consider a custom rug designed by you. Relax----we're here to help!

How Much Does It Cost?

The idea of a washable rug is pretty enticing, especially if you have kids, pets, or high-traffic, high-mess areas in your home. We feature the 57 Grand by Nicole Curtis line and have samples of many of the 41 patterns and colors in the collection. These easy-to-clean, machine-washable rugs range in price from $45 for a 3 x 5 to $365 for a 9 x 12.  

This does not include the rug pad. We recommend the All Pet rug pad from Karastan. This pad extends the life of your rug and protects your flooring beneath. While this style was designed to help keep your rug in place and offer an extra layer of supportive cushion underfoot, it also promises to stop spills and pet accidents from penetrating through your rug to your floor. With a Pet Proof Rug Pad in place, accidents cannot seep through your rug and become trapped underneath, resulting in potential damage to hardwood and carpet.

Not only a must have for households with pets, this rug pad is also a smart solution for families with kids and for use in high traffic areas. Consciously crafted out of 90% recycled fibers, this sustainable style is available in variety of sizes and can be cut with scissors for a customized fit.

Wonderful World of Window Treatments

Many of us love to redecorate and revamp our homes. Whether it’s some new flooring or fresh linens and sheets, switching up the look of your favorite space when the seasons change can be a wonderful feeling.


These roller shades are an ideal complement to modern living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. With their straight lines and streamlined design, Hunter Douglas banded shades pair perfectly with seating areas and dining sets with clean lines and edges. With more than 90 color/fabric choices to consider, it’s easy to find a neutral or earth-tone color that goes with your existing furniture and décor.


Another great option if you’re in the market for new modern window treatments is the Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades. These window treatments offer a clean aesthetic with their minimalistic design and are a smart option for homes that have an ultra-modern or Scandinavian vibe. Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades also give you the choice of adding decorative accents that can help take your modern space to the next level.


Modern in their material as much as their looks, Modern Precious Metals® Mini Blinds Mini Blinds from Hunter Douglas can work beautifully as a modern window treatment for your home this fall. The sleek aluminum slats of these blinds are a great pairing with the other natural materials of most modern homes.


When picking out modern window treatments for your home this fall, it’s important to remember a few key hallmarks of modern design. Most spaces that feature modern furniture and décor will promote a neutral or earth-tone color scheme, natural materials, and clean lines for a crisp, streamlined look throughout.