All About Free Standing Tubs

One of the big bathroom design trends is using a free standing tub. Installing a freestanding tub can be quite a project -- larger than expected, in many cases -- but it is almost always worth it.   Free standing tubs are deeper than an average tub, can be placed in different locations in a bathroom, and can give a bathroom an antique or modern feel.

One of the first things to think about before installing a free standing tub is where you are going to put it. You'll usually need a large bathroom.  Because these tubs can be installed almost anywhere, most people don't place them against a wall.  But installing a tub in this manner means that it will take up more floor space in the bathroom.

Free standing tubs come in many designs, sizes, and materials, depending on your taste and budget.The price may give you sticker shock, as most are in the $3,000--$7,000 range.Of course, you will not have to spend money on material and labor to build a deck around a free standing tub, which can save you a few hundred dollars.   A couple of things to think about when considering cost is the material (cast iron or fiberglass), brand, and design of the tub and faucet. You'll also want to factor in the cost of demolition, a plumber and a carpenter (if the ceiling below the bathroom will need to be removed to access the pipes), and new flooring.

Plumbing is a big factor in changing to a free standing tub.  The plumbing for these tubs is visible, unlike that of other tubs.  You will need to choose your finish---brushed nickel, chrome, and polished nickel are popular choices.  There are also several faucet styles, including gooseneck, rim, and hand-held. The faucets come in many designs as well. Again, it depends mostly on your personal taste and budget.

Unfortunately,this beautiful plumbing does not magically appear next to your tub. The drain and water pipes must be run beneath the floor and up through the floor, so you'll have to consider how accessible and easy it is to reroute the plumbing. You should consider how easy or difficult this will be while deciding on where to put your tub. There may be a lot of cutting and drilling through beams in order to relocate the plumbing. Also, assembling free standing pipes, faucets, and drains can be a tedious process. There are also plumbing codes to consider, such as a faucet spout being located one or two inches above the tub rim.

The average cost in 2014 for a bathroom remodel in the Southeastern United States was over $15,000.  As you prepare your budget be sure to factor in that using a free standing tub will add a few thousand dollars to the cost.  Please come in and discuss your dream bathroom project with an Enhance Floors & More Design Consultant.  We're here to help!