All Your Flooring Needs

When you read this, Irma will be a memory and hopefully nothing more. We all hunkered down and hoped for the best, but planned for the not-so-great. We are always so impressed and moved by how kind people can be to one another when facing a common adversity. There have been so many examples of this in the past couple of weeks, first during Harvey in Texas, and now during the Irma Florida evacuations; so many people offering help, accommodations, and prayers for our neighbors to the south. Thank you for anything and everything you have done to make evacuees feel more comfortable during their "Hurrication" here in the Atlanta area.

Time passes, life moves on, and business continues.  Looking forward to happier, less stressful days!!

An Instant Best Seller
We just received beautiful brand new Versini stylings. This line is both luxurious and surprisingly affordable.  Versini offers a wide variety of wood species, looks, and colors, many with practical low gloss/matte finishes. Versini has an Italian influence and Old-World feel, with lots of distressing and hand scraped looks. We are so proud to have this fine line in our Design Center!

Smart and Beautiful At The Same Time
Another new addition to the showroom is Mohawk's SmartStrand Silk Reserve. This is carpet that you can't wait to get home to! It is incredibly soft and luxurious feeling, but still one of our most practical carpets. Silk Reserve was designed and manufactured with permanent stain and soil protection that won't wash off or wear off. Of course, there is no real silk in this carpet- can you imagine how hard all those little caterpillars would have to work! The "silk" comes from the special manufacturing process used to make the fibers in this carpet sooooo soft and indulgent feeling. Smart!

Upstairs Downstairs
Another service that we are providing a LOT recently is staircase updates. We can completely remodel your stairs top to bottom, by replacing your treads and risers, or a change out of your balusters and handrails. And don't forget the newel posts! So many houses still have the builder grade, beat and banged up original super-traditional balusters, and our customers just don't feel that these represent their personalities or taste. We have dozens of baluster styles to choose from, including wrought iron, and can help you with decisions about finish, color, paint vs. stain, and more. Come on in and let us help you design your new staircase soon!

How Much Does It Cost?
Maybe your staircase just needs a mini-makeover and not a full replacement.  This week we are installing 12 stained and urethane -coated treads (the part that of the stair that you step on) with primed risers (the vertical part that is the back of the step) for a little over $2000.

Design Tip
As you shop for accessories to transition your home from summer to fall, consider adding velvet to your interior design. What could be more soothing than velvet? The fabric feels luxurious and welcoming for fall and winter, and when combined with rough natural textures (think reclaimed wood and woven baskets) and smooth metals and ceramics, it adds visual interest and tactile coziness to a room.  Look for velvet pillows and throws, or if you are furniture shopping, maybe a velvet upholstered chair.

We're Not Perfect
but if there is a problem we will take care of it!  Here's a recent review that was posted about Enhance Floors & More:"I used Enhance Floors, and they were excellent. The owner of the company comes to your house to evaluate and to measure, and I was really impressed by that. I had a million questions, and he answered all of them. He was very friendly, very helpful, very patient, and nice. The people came and did the work, and they did a very good job. While it wasn't terrible, they had scraped some of my plantation blinds. I called up the company afterward to tell them that the blinds were scratched in two places, and the owner came back and evaluated it. He didn't fight me at all. He said, 'Sure, I see this. We'll get it fixed up.' He sent a painter out, and the painter was excellent. The painter came exactly when he said he would, and he always let me know when he was coming. He took his shoes off to go on the carpets and work. He did a super job fixing it up."