April Showers Bring A New Bathroom?

April Showers
Enhance Floors and More is preparing to introduce our newly created Bath and Shower Gallery. In response to the recent overwhelming number of requests for Bathroom remodels, we have upped our bathroom display game, and will soon be opening to the public, for the first time, our Bath and Shower Gallery. We will be showing off new ideas in bathroom aesthetics, including new and updated tile displays, a freestanding tub, a multi-showerhead unit with running water so that you can experience different showerheads, and some ideas for creating an aging-in-place bathroom.

Each Enhance Design Consultant was given a different section of the space to design, and we have all had fun bringing our ideas together and helping to make the different sections work well as a unit. Our Tile and Stone Vendors, including Interceramic, Mohawk, Daltile, and Happy Floors, have been enthusiastic participants in the refurbished gallery, and we are showing off some new floors as well, including a gorgeous faux marble and a cork floor from US Floors. We plan to reveal our "bathroom remodel" in April- with a Shower-what else? so stay in touch and we'll be announcing the exact "due date" soon!

Let There Be Light
In other remodeling news, there are some very quick and easy ways to freshen up a room. The absolute easiest: new lighting! Lighting can be changed as easily as placing a new lamp or even relocating existing lamps to new places. There are four basic lighting types: Task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting.  Task lighting, obviously, is for specific work or activity: cooking, homework, personal grooming. Accent lighting is lighting that draws the eye to an item or place, such as artwork or an architectural feature. Ambient lighting is general lighting, that fills an entire space overall. Decorative can fall into any of these groups, and fills two purposes. A chandelier, for instance, is decorative lighting and ambient lighting.

You always want to layer light in a room, and avoid over-lighting and glare. When you are planning lighting for a room, remember to take into account the natural light the room will receive, and plan lighting for day and night use, as needed. Mirrors are an efficient and beautiful way to increase the benefit of natural and manufactured light, by bouncing the light and multiplying it. Dimmers can also be helpful when a room has different lighting needs at different times of day.

Back to that natural light idea- more and more people are investing in solar power. Have you considered it? There is currently (see how I did that?) a federal tax credit available towards the installation of rooftop solar panels, but it is due to start being phased out in 2019. There are also solar water heaters, which are very efficient here in Georgia. While these changes are rather expensive, not only would you be reducing your dependency on non-renewable resources, you would be shrinking your home's carbon footprint.

No Shoes Please
Speaking of footprints, where do you and your family stand on wearing shoes inside the house? For many cultures around the world, shoes are never worn inside the home, and here in the US, a growing number of people seem to be dropping them at the door. There are several good reasons to adopt this habit:    

~Bacteria- We all know that shoes are loaded with bacteria and germs. A test conducted at University of Arizona showed that new shoes, within two weeks of first use, had accumulated 440,000 units of bacteria, including E. coli, various strains of pneumonia, and C. diff, which is highly resistant to antibiotics.
~Toxins-   Herbicides tracked in on shoes exceeded those brought into the home on non-organic fruits and vegetables. Toxins from herbicides can cause skin rashes and gastrointestinal upsets.
~Dirt- just plain old dirt. Who wants that on their floors? And grit is the major factor in damaging both carpets and wood.

~Wear and tear on floor coverings-  shoes are harder on carpets and wood than bare feet, again meaning they'll need to be replaced sooner than later.
~Comfort and foot health- going barefoot promotes foot health and helps develop stronger ankles, and feels better. So create a place at the garage door, or just inside the main entry, where everyone can drop their shoes as they come in. You'll be surprised how quickly it can become a habit, like hanging your keys on the key rack. And ask your guests to do so as well- they won't mind, and will think how smart you are!

Design Tip
Patterned carpet is IN.  And there are lots of patterns to choose from-subtle and barely there or big and bold and attention getting (look at me!) The pattern can be sweet and delicate, or full of pizzazz. They can blend in or stand out. A large design can cut your oversized room down to size, while a minimal pattern can make your room appear to grow in size. A bright floral design can make a room that doesn't get much natural light more welcoming than before. Patterns can also hide a multitude of sins, camouflaging the little spills and mishaps that come with life at home.  Need help choosing a patterned carpet for your home?  The Enhance Floors Design Consultants are here to help!

How Much Does It Cost?
We recently installed a pin dot (very subtle pattern) carpet for a client in Woodstock.  Almost 1400 sq. ft. (living room, dining room, four bedrooms with closets, hall and staircase) of a Mohawk SmartStrand carpet was installed with an upgraded pad with moisture barrier for $4600.

I Was FLOORED By Enhance
From Susan in Woodstock:
"I loved Enhance Floors. Everything went well, and they were amazing. They went above and beyond what I signed up for. They've done some tile work, and they did my granite countertops. They did a great job. If I had questions, they answered them. They're a grade-A company."