Are Your Wood Floors Looking Bad

Are Your Wood Floors Looking Bad

Chances are, when you think “wood floors” you are thinking about the traditional oak 2 ¼” planks that most of us had growing up. Those floors are tough and beautiful, but they do require refinishing eventually. We are frequently asked about our refinishing services, and we love answering because we are proud of the gorgeous refinishing work we offer. 

Refinishing wood floors is a great way to extend the life of your flooring and is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a full replacement. If you're tired of the current look of your floors and want an update, you can refinish your floors to get an entirely new look -- a brand new floor!

You may want your floors refinished because they are showing wear and damage. You may be ready for a “reset” of your home, and that starts with the floor, its color and finish.

Other reasons you may be ready to have your wood floors refinished:

  • Water damage
  • Major scratches, dents or gouges
  • Fading and discoloration from the sun
  • Impossible to remove stains

Refinishing involves sanding, staining, and coating your floor with polyurethane in your home. Sanding in the home gives the floor a smooth square edge, and an even finish. Staining allows you to choose from lots of stain of colors, even colors blended specifically for you, as well as choosing your gloss level.

In general, for a basic refinishing job, you will need to allow multiple days for the process.  Furniture and rugs are first moved out of the room and the shoemold is pulled and discarded.  The floor is sanded, which takes most of the day.  Next the floor is stained.  Multiple of coats of polyurethane are applied, with drying time needed between each coat.  Finally, new shoemold is installed, and the furniture is loaded back into the room.

Although finishes may appear dry, they are not completely cured for a minimum of seven (7) days after the job is completed. You should “baby” the floor during this time period. Do not use anything other than a dry mop on the floors while the finish is curing. Area rugs should not be placed on the wood floors for a minimum of two weeks.

A number of factors can affect the overall cost of refinishing.

Generally, smaller rooms and jobs are going to be more expensive to refinish per square foot. This is because multiple trips are still required, and the equipment used to sand down a hardwood floor is usually quite large, and it is not easy to get it into or maneuver it through tight areas. Some small bathrooms, powder rooms, and laundry rooms may be too small to accommodate a machine, so will require hand sanding, which is, as it sounds, very labor intensive and slower, more painstaking work. 

All your furniture will have to be removed from the area. If we do this, the time and labor to accomplish it will be factored into your estimate.  Sometimes a "pod" storage container is needed, if you have lots of furniture and minimal storage space for it.

Removal of any other existing floors will be a factor, as well as any repairs that may be needed.

The majority of clients go with an oil based polyurethane or a water based polyurethane. There are pros and cons to each, but the one we apply most often is the oil based polyurethane. It takes a little bit more labor and time up front, but is a harder more durable finish, and lasts longer. 

Finishes can be a glossy, semi glossy or matte. Generally speaking, the lower the gloss, the less wear and scratches will show. Also, medium stain colors and wood with a lot of grain will show less damage.

PRO TIP: Many of our customers schedule us to have refinishing done during vacation times, when they will be away from home. It saves your family the inconvenience of parts of the home being inaccessible for several days.

Wood floor refinishing is very skilled work. If a mistake is made, it cannot be hidden or glossed over, so hiring the right company is crucial. The only way to fix a poorly done job is to start all over again.

Sanding and refinishing your wood floors will add value and beauty to your home, but with any home improvement you should expect some disruption and inconvenience. We will employ our experience, the latest equipment, and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the least possible disruption. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Refinishing your hardwood floors is not cheap, but it is definitely less expensive than brand new hardwood floors! We recently refinished all the wood on the main level of a home in Roswell – living room, dining room, den, kitchen, foyer, laundry room, and two halls. The price was a little over $7,000. This included new shoemold and furniture moving. The client’s floor is now practically brand new and will look fabulous for years to come!

~Design Tip~
Wonderful World of Window Treatments

What is new for 2022 Window Covering Trends:

1. Back-To-Nature Color Pallets with Cozy Fabrics & Textures

2022 home decorating trends have developed a modernized twist on the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Pops of natural wood finishes mixed with earthy color pallets are being combined to create a calming and natural ambiance. Undeniably, Roller Shades continue to be forecasted as the leading window covering trend in 2022 largely due to their minimalistic style. Roller shades are also available in a variety of earth tone colors, textures and hardware options, making them an ideal choice for the trending naturistic color pallet.

2. Incorporating Woodgrain

Provenance Woven Wood Roman Shades are also trending as a great way to bring the elements of nature inside the home to create a cozy texture and architectural feel. The natural woven woods and reeds give these shades an organic texture like no other. It is no surprise that after hunkering down at home over the last year, many homeowners have a renewed interest in bringing elements of the outdoors into their home décor. As a result, the renewed desire to reconnect with nature that we saw trending in home designs in 2021 will continue to impact home design

3. Dual Purpose Spaces

In 2022 many homeowners are finding ways to create multi-functioning spaces while maintaining a warm minimalistic style. Certainly, there is nothing more satisfyingly when form and function can come together to create an intended dual purpose. Duolite Roller Shades fit the bill perfectly by combining a light filtering sheer and room darkening liner into a two-on-one roller shade. In addition, this multi-purpose shade offers diffused light when you want it and privacy when you don’t. With hundreds of fabric choices available and a variety of opacities, colors and textures to choose from, it is no wonder that Roller Shades continue to take the lead for the #1 window covering trend forecasted for 2022.

4. Minimalistic Sheers

Alternately, sheer shadings are another on-trend option for 2022. Sheer shades provide soft diffused natural light and yet another great way to invite the outdoors in. Pirouette && ;Silhouette shades are now being offered with ClearView® fabrics to provide an even more unobstructed view of the outdoors. These shades are constructed with a unique combination of front and back sheers with floating adjustable fabric vanes to create maximum visibility outside, while maintaining a soft diffused glow inside the home. Similarly, Shangri-la and Paradise sheer shades are also being offered in even more sheer fabrics and colors in 2022 to keep ahead of the demand for the upcoming sheer shade trends.

5. Home Automation & Smart Home Technology

Additionally, many homeowners are working toward upgrading their homes to include smart home automation technology. As a result, this increased demand for security and energy efficiency has also sparked a trend for automated window coverings. Motorized shades can be programmed to block out harmful UV rays during peak daylight hours and timed perfectly for privacy during the times when you need it most. The Blindman offers a wide selection of motorized window coverings that integrate with smart home solutions including Bluetooth technology, smart hubs, solar and more!