Area Rugs & Other Pretty Things

Did you know that we sell area rugs? Area Rugs have been making a big come back in the last couple of years. As more and more of us opt for hard surface floors, we still want a bit of softness here and there. In different spaces, we have different needs from our area rugs. In our bedrooms, we want them to be soft and cozy.

On the stairs, we need them for safety's sake.

In our Family Rooms, we like them for their attractive looks, and for their durability (if there is a mishap, it is easier and less expensive to replace an area rug than a whole room of hardwoood floors) and in the basement, area rugs also serve double duty: to look great, and to soften the noise of play (kids and grownups!)

Also, with rugs, you can think a little more out of the box, because it is probably not a "forever" purchase. If you are into green this year (very popular) then you can make a big impact in a room with a bold green area rug. Most of us would hesitate to do this with wall to wall carpet.

Enhance offers lot of options for area rugs. We carry Nourison, Karastan, and Dalyn in stock. While we only stock up to a 5 x 8, we can always order a larger size for you, when available. If you are really feeling unsure about whether you like the carpet color or softness, consider ordering a small entry mat (e.g. 2 ft x 3 ft). That way, you can see and feel the "sample" without spending a lot of money.  And, worst case, you can use it as an entry mat at one of your doorways.

There is a seemingly limitless selection of area rugs available in virtually any color or pattern you can think of. If you are purchasing a pre-made area rug, you are limited by the sizes offered in the style you like. Plus, most standardized area rugs are patterned. You may not want a patterned rug or may prefer a pattern that is more subtle.

By using broadloom to make your area rug, you have an incredibly vast selection of colors and styles, in both patterned and non-patterned looks. Broadloom tends to have more subtle patterning than area rugs; for example, solid colors of berbers and loop/cut/loops that feature geometric or abstract patterns. The solid color helps to keep the carpet from appearing too busy, while the pattern provides some visual interest. If you are looking for a very specific color for your rug, you have only to walk into our store and let us show you the samples - chances are you will find the perfect color in at least one carpet style that we can make into a custom rug. And it goes without saying that if your room is an irregular shape or size, you will likely have a difficult time finding a pre-made rug that suits your requirements.

Obviously, when customizing an area rug out of broadloom, you can have the rug made into almost any size or shape. For extra-large rooms or open concept floor plans, you may choose to use a broadloom that comes in 15' widths, allowing you to have up to 15' of a seamless rug. In the event that you require a rug that is larger than the width of the carpet in both directions (i.e., bigger than a 15' x 15'), you can choose to have the size made by seaming two pieces of material together. With properly selected carpet, such as a long, thick pile or a carpet with a linear pattern, the seam will likely not be noticeable.

Perhaps you have a room or hallway with unusual angles and would like to have a rug that follows the floor plan of the space. Again, a benefit to an area rug made from broadloom is that it can be customized to the exact shape you require. We can create a rug made from carpet to your specifications.

Learning Can Be Fun!
Have fun while learning at these informative seminars at our Flooring Fiesta: 
5:30    If You Spill Your Margarita
Make sure it's on a waterproof floor like Revwood Plus or luxury vinyl!  Learn more about these popular floor covering options.
Speaker:  Holly Dysart with Mohawk Flooring  

6:00    Salsa Resistant Carpet
SmartStrand Carpet is the perfect carpet for active families, durable enough to hold up to all of your fiestas!
Speaker:  Holland Kercher with Mohawk Flooring 

6:30    Nacho Traditional Ceramic Tile
See what's new in this flooring workhorse---tiles that are tough, stain resistant, with unlimited design possibilities!
Speaker:  Chris Schmidt with Daltile

We look forward to seeing your Tuesday, May 14, 4 til 7 pm

Design Tip
Cozy, curvy and comfy are three words that describe what to look for in interior décor. Maybe the current polarized state of our country has caused a need to have our homes become a sanctuary. We want to shelter at home among plush, soft furniture that pleasures the senses.  You will be seeing lots of soft velvets and textured nubby fabrics. Fringe on furniture, pillows, even lighting. Curved sofas and round or oval coffee and end tables. Indulge your sense of touch and if it feels good---buy it!

How Much Does It Cost?
Inspired?  Ready for a new rug or two?  Stop by and check out our in-stock rugs that you can take home with you today.  We have outdoor rugs starting at $ 99 and 4 x 6 indoor rugs also as low as $99 and 5 x 8's ranging from $99 to $1,100.  Come look at our pretty things!

I Was FLOORED By Enhance
Tanya in Marietta writes: "Enhance installed LVP, repaired and refinished hardwood floors, and carpeted stairs for us. Their crews did excellent jobs and were very professional. The owners are business people who seem to care about their customers' satisfaction."  Thank you, Tanya, for the nice review.  You totally transformed your home and we appreciate the opportunity to help you with it!