Best Way To Do It

Is new floor shopping on your To Do List? Not sure how to get started? Here’s some info as you begin the process:

NOTE: for this discussion we are not considering a new construction purchase. You normally visit the builder’s Design Center to make your selections.
There are three main ways to shop for flooring. 

Online Most consumers begin the process online. For most clients, this is for information gathering. Shopping online is very convenient as you can do it any day, any time, from anywhere. We encourage you to visit manufacturer websites, look at different products online, read the FAQs, blogs, reviews, and Flooring 101's. 
A caution, though: you will read conflicting information and may come away more confused that you were before. We all know that doctors spend a lot of time reeducating their patients from incorrect information they read on the internet. Flooring professionals do, too.
It's fine to do some research online. But purchase a couple thousand square feet of flooring for your home online? We don't recommend it.

Why? Here are a few good reasons:
     --All you see are pictures. Just because a picture of a flooring product looks good doesn’t mean it’s a quality product. Online flooring companies often take low-quality, cheap flooring and use camera techniques and lighting to make it look like a high-end floor. Because you’re not evaluating the flooring in person with a specialist, it’s nearly impossible to tell if you’re looking at good quality product or not. Making a large purchase based on internet photos or a small cut sample sent in the mail is a good way to be disappointed.
By contrast, a local retailer will have larger sample panels that you can borrow to see inside your home, and they may have past experience with the same product so they can honestly answer questions you may have about its various characteristics and performance.
--Most major manufacturers do not allow their products to be sold online. That void has been filled with lots of lesser quality material that doesn’t adhere to industry standards, offers no warranty and little to no recourse for their buyers should issues arise.
--Who is going to measure and assess job site installation requirements?-- Who will install it? The vast majority of flooring dealers that offer installation services will not install flooring that was not purchased from them.
-- Deliveries of flooring material are by tractor-trailer and are curbside only or to the end of your driveway. That means you will have to find a way to move hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds, from the curb to the room it is to be installed in. 
--When you buy flooring online, there are usually multiple parties involved with the sale, delivery, and installation. When something goes wrong, these parties often blame each other. For example, the online flooring store might blame the shipping company or the installer, while the installer might blame the seller. Sadly, the customer often gets caught in the middle, and no one takes responsibility.
--Some online resellers do not offer first-quality material. They sell factory seconds, odd lots, color errors and other non first-quality products and do not disclose this fact on their websites. Or the stock may come from multiple dye lots or runs, meaning there can be color variation from box to box or roll to roll.
From seeing the actual color and texture, and being educated about flooring for your situation, to taking home large samples, and having your home professionally measured and inspected for installation, flooring is not a product well suited to be sold online
Shop At HomeThere are companies that do not have a showroom but instead bring samples to your home. The two best known nationwide "shop at home" companies do a lot of TV and radio advertising and have catchy jingles. Not naming names but you probably know who they are!
Some of these companies use fully stocked vans while others just have handsets and deck boards in the trunk of their car. You will be told that you will have hundreds of samples to choose from, but these will be small color swatches. It will be difficult to see the true color, pattern, and texture in the small piece. You won’t see a lot of options, and nothing is handpicked just for you. Everyone sees the same samples.
Don't expect the pricing to be competitive, and some companies are very high pressure. If all decision makers are required to be at the appointment, expect a hard close.
TIP: Be sure to ask how much flooring experience the person coming to your home has. The nationally known companies are not known for the longevity of their salespeople, and newbies receive minimal training (typically a three day class) before being declared a flooring expert.
That being said, you DO want to see the products in your home in your lighting. The “shop at home” companies are correct when they tell you that. It is definitely easy for a busy shopper; many companies offer evening and Saturday appointments, but be aware of what the convenience may be costing you.
Visit A Flooring ShowroomFor most flooring purchases, we strongly recommend visiting a store or two or three. You are spending a lot of money on something your probably don’t know much about. Our state-of-the-art showroom has thousands and thousands of samples, many in very large sizes, and over 40 installed floor coverings.
We will educate you on your options for flooring and you will learn the pros and cons of different types of flooring. You can take home any of our samples to see how the flooring looks in your home before you buy. Once we know the specific product(s) you are interested in, an Enhance Floors expert will then visit your home to professionally measure and inspect the rooms where new flooring will be installed. We will look at your subfloor to make sure it's appropriate for the new flooring and check for any transitions that will be needed between dissimilar flooring. We will then prepare your estimate based upon the products you have chosen or a different product if selections are changed after the in-home visit.
Flooring is still a “see, touch, feel” purchase. We have yet to have a client say that coming into our Design Center was a waste of their time; in fact, we are told they are so glad they came in! 
We work very hard to make sure that your experience is not overwhelming or confusing. We ask questions and help you find the right choices for your home, décor, lifestyle, and budget. We oversee your purchase from beginning to end. We look forward to seeing you in the Design Center!
Best Of Both WorldsIf you have been into our showroom, and still aren't sure what color will work best in your home, ask about scheduling an in-home Color Consultation. Our expert will come to your home and help you with your color selections. Prices start at $99, and we service a limited geographic area. Ask for details when you are in the store.
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How Much Does It Cost?LVP – we love it, we all want it. A recent installation in a Family Room and Dining Room (366 sq ft) of a COREtec wood look LVP was a little over $3000 all inclusive. If you’ve been hearing the horror stories that nothing is available, everything is on back order, never fear. We have a Quick Ship list in the store of hard surface products (LVP /LVT, wood, laminate) that are readily available. If you are in hurry, choose from the products on our updated list and you will have your new floor in no time!
Design TipMatte is in right now—in paint, tile, or brushed-metal finishes in your kitchen or bath. And black matte in particular is riding a wave, popping up on cabinets, furniture, and sink fixtures. Black matte is both modern and timeless and is great for a statement piece in the home, such as on appliance finishes or a backsplash. Matte finishes are also user-friendly since they’re easier to keep smudge-free than their high-gloss cousins. Plus, they infuse a space with warmth and texture.
PRO TIP: You do have to wipe down black matte surfaces occasionally, so keep on hand a supply of microfiber cloths as this material does the best cleanup job.
Gail in Marietta tells us:“I can always depend on this company to do a great job! I always have a clear understanding of what is being done, they give accurate quotes, they have a good selection to choose from, and they always perform the job as promised! I always recommend this company to anyone needing floors because they do a great job!”Thank you, Gail. We really appreciate the referrals and your loyalty over the years!