Black Friday What Not To Do

Put your Christmas shopping on hold... until after you read this!
Here we are:  Thanksgiving week. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. The RealReal of Retail. The Superbowl of Shopping.

When and how do you prepare? Is it a family effort? Do you stay up all Thursday night to start ultra early on Friday? Do you all shop together or do you divide and conquer?

We have gathered and curated lots of good advice for this big event. No, we are not going to list the ten best buys this year (electronics) or the most wanted gifts this year (electronics) or the most discounted items this year (electronics) but we will be giving you some solid pointers for getting what you want, and staying safe and comfortable while you do it.

Number One- Do not bring the children shopping! Every site repeated this! There are great reasons- but it all boils down to- you will be distracted and less likely to make your best decisions- So, let Grandpa and the kiddies sleep in, and you and Grammy head out and do the shopping. If you play your cards right, they will have left for the park while you were gone, and now you can have a little nap ☺

Number Two- Take your credit or debit card and only that one card to do your shopping. That way, if there happens to be a credit breach (Remember Target 2013?) then you only have one card to be worried about. Also, if the worst happens, and your purse or wallet is taken, you have greatly reduced your exposure. Carry it in your front pocket- the most unlikely place to get pick pocketed. Best tip yet for ladies: don't even carry a purse. It is more to keep up with and really, how many times do you plan to reapply lipstick?

Number Three- Dress down. Do not make yourself someone's target by wearing your nicest outfit and sporting your favoritediamond ring. Leave those at home. Be comfortable. Remember to wear pants with a front pocket, good shoes for standing all day long, and if you absolutely must carry some things, wear a fanny pack. It's not a fashion show. If you just cannot do without your purse, then carry a carabiner, and clip the purse onto your shopping cart, and keep it zipped.

Number Four- Don't shop Friday at the Outlet stores. So many of them have great prices every day. Spend your time, and your dollars, where you can really have an impact. Outlet stores also frequently carry items that have been manufactured especially for them- not a lesser quality, but probably not the same models or styles you will find in the regular store. To get the absolute best bang for your buck, shop the really premium stores that normally don't have anything on sale and don't offer discounts. We're talking PradaLouis VuittonRolex. If you're ever going to get a deal on these items, today's the day. And get there early for the best selection.

Number Five- Make a list and check it twice. Ads will be everywhere- newspaper, television, online, so there is no excuse to fly blind. Make some decisions about what you are going to buy, and how much you are going to pay for it, before you ever leave home. Do comparison shopping, using model numbers if possible. Have a backup item for everyone, in casewhat you wanted is sold out when you get there. And people, do not fight over items! It is just not worth it, and it sucks the fun out of the season to get involved in something like that. Like my mama says: "If you can't get that door to open, it isn't the right door for you!" Surely to goodness you can find another one somewhere else, and it will probably be a better one at that! Don't waste your time asking about price matching on Black Friday. Almost all retailers suspend their price matching policy that day. Clark Howard has a brilliant idea- buy discounted giftcards before you go shopping, and then use the giftcard to make your discounted purchase- double bonus! Check out a site called and others for great deals on giftcards.

So, we said we're not going to tell you what to buy, and we're not, but we will tell you some categories that are traditionally good to buy on Black Friday, and some that are not:

Do NOT buy phones, laptops, fitness equipment, or important jewelry. These are not a bargain for Christmas.  Also, stay away from appliances and holiday décor. Buy all these after the holiday, or at another time of the year, for the best prices.

Some categories where you probably WILL find great savings are Smart Home gear and Smart wearables, last year's models of gaming systems, sneakers, and designer handbags. You should typically be able to find 40 percent off clothing and accessories. If you're shopping online, that would equate to 30 percent off and free shipping, or you may find deals that offer a giftcard incentive, so be a little flexible.

Do be aware of return policies- a 30 day return policy will mean that buying on Black Friday will make return of a gift opened on Christmas impossible. Read the fine print! Save all your receipts, and be sure to check your credit card activity, too. Unfortunately, this fun and happy time of year is also the time that thieves and crooks are the most prosperous.

At the beginning and the end of your glorious day of shopping and saving, be careful in the parking lot. Be especially cautiousof distracted drivers looking for the best spot. Do find a well-lit area, where there are others parking. Lock your car! Store anything and everything in the trunk, especially shopping bags full of goodies! Walk out with other people, check under your car from a distance, and have your key in your hand when you leave the store. You've heard these all for years, and they are still good advice!

Now get out there, you shopping warrior, and have fun!

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Design Tip
December decorating can be more than red and green.  Here are a few color combinations you may not have considered:
Brown and green. If you love a traditional, classic take, add brown accents to your green decor. The earthy color brings an elegant look to seasonal decorations, blending especially well with wood and beige tones.

Navy and silver. Navy is practically a neutral and goes well with anything, including Christmas decorations. Mix it with a bit of silver sparkle and white accents for a clean, refreshing look.
Purple and red. Purple has long been known as the color of royalty, so bring a regal touch to your holiday decor by mixing it with red. The dark purple makes the red stand out and is an especially great option in a room full of wood.

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