Dos and Don’ts New Granite Countertops

Thinking About New Stone Countertops?
New granite, marble, or quartz countertops are a relatively quick update for your kitchen.  In fact, many realtors advise that you not put your home on the market until you have replaced your old “builder” countertops.  Be sure to heed these Dos and Don’ts as you go thru the process of upgrading your counters”

DON’T select your new stone from a small sample.  Insist on seeing and selecting the slab(s) that will be installed in your home.

DO consider quartz.  Quartz never needs to be sealed, and is much more heat and stain resistant than granite or marble. 

DON’T select your stone without also selecting you backsplash at the same time.  A general rule is that if you want an elaborate backsplash, choose a quartz or a granite with very little movement.  If you want a countertop with dramatic veining, then select a simple backsplash, for example, solid colored subway tile.

DO make sure you understand where the seams will be in your installation.  A lower estimate may be installing the granite in more pieces.  Most clients will spend a little more money to minimize the seams and be strategic about the locations.

DON’T wait to replace your appliances after you do your countertops.  Each slab is template for your current appliances, and if you plan on changing your sink, stove, etc. you will need to know exactly what you are getting so your countertops can be templated correctly. 

DO understand the waste factor that is unavoidable.  On average, 30% of each granite slab is discarded as waste.

DON’T select marble if you are a messy cook or have a very active kitchen.  Marble is more porous than granite or quartz, and it is also softer so it doesn’t hold up as well to wear and tear.  Marble is also more prone to stains than granite or quartz.

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