Fall is the Best Time of the Year For

Fall is the Best Time of the Year For

Football, foliage, and floors...all things that the fall season brings in with great finesse. Yes, floors! Fall is the perfect time to install new flooring in your home.  

Warm and Cozy Vibes
One of our favorite moments in the fall season is that first chilly night when you can finally light the fireplace. Ahhh, it's just so cozy. But you don't have to wait for those cozy vibes; there are other ways to capture that feeling throughout the season.

Nothing gives more warmth and style to a home than new hardwood floors or floors that look like hardwood such as luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and laminate. 

With the cooler weather, we want to stay inside more and make our homes cozy and inviting. Fall is a great time to grab that book that you've wanted to read and enjoy the warmth of your home.

It's not all about feelings, though. The fact is new flooring increases the value of your home. While hardwood floors top the list for home improvement, water resistant flooring is also hugely attractive to today's home buyers. 

Your new flooring makes a huge impact in your home. Hardwood floors are a big investment that never goes out of style. We've also seen many people choose LVP or laminate because they capture all the character of hardwood flooring but is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

Fall Brings a New Season for New Floors

While any season is the best season for new flooring, the fall is definitely more cooperative especially when installing hardwood floors. The cool, crisp air and low humidity are great for installing wood.
Many clients also like to open their windows after new floors have been installed to help “air out” the home. Fall is the perfect time let the outside in!

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

We like for the fall season to have its full moment in the spotlight, but it is hard to deny that all those changing leaves are a big indicator that the holidays are right around the corner.  Fall gives opportunities to brighten up your space right before the holidays.  Before new paint or new furniture, getting your home ready for holiday guests begins with gorgeous new floors.

You will want to make your new flooring selection early in the season. On average, it can take 4-5 weeks for the entire flooring process between choosing your floors, ordering and receiving the product, and then having them installed.  
With many people planning on new floors before the holidays, our schedule fills up quickly so, it is best to begin the process NOW. That's not to say if you haven't made your flooring choice by early November that you can't get new floors for the holidays. With so many options in flooring, we can find you the best choices to work within your timeframe. 

~Fall Design Tip~

Want your front porch to feel more fall harvest than Halloween party? Pair pumpkins and mums with potted kale to create a warm welcome.

How Much Does It Cost?

This week we priced the same area three different ways for our client.

Family Room, Dining Room, and Hall -- 595 square feet  -- medium quality

Plush carpet $2600 installed

LVP or laminate $4600 installed

Hardwood floors engineered hickory $5700 installed

Quite often the budget determines the type of flooring we choose. All of these options will be easy to care for and hold up well for our client, an empty nester with no kids at home but plenty pf grandchildren that visit often. Our client is leaning toward the hardwoods in the pretty brown color. 

Which floor would you choose?

WWOWT    Wonderful World of Window Treatments

Energy. We are all concerned with energy preservation these days. Good window shades can help lower your energy costs by helping your house stay warm or cool depending on the season as well as controlling the amount of light in a room, preventing the need for lamps or other task lighting.

Do shades keep cold out?
The shades  act as a barrier to air transmission from the cold window to the inside of the house. The closer a blind or shade is to the window, the better it will perform as an insulator, so an inside mount blind or shade will provide the most protection from cold drafts.

Is it better to have blinds open or closed in cooler months?
In the cooler months, if you have south-facing windows, let the light shine in. The sun will help heat your home naturally, which takes some pressure off your furnace. For other windows, keep blinds and curtains close during the cooler months to keep heat inside your home.

Do shades help keep house warm?
In short, the answer is yes. Blinds, draperies, and window treatments are an effective method for cutting heating and cooling bills, regulating the temperature of your home, and enhancing its overall appearance.

What is the best window covering to keep the cold out?
Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, are one of the most energy efficient window coverings you can buy. They use a series of honeycomb-like cell pockets to trap air around your windows, keeping your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I Was FLOORED By Enhance

From Kay in Acworth:

“This is a great store with great people to help you. I bought an older home and I needed to update everything. I did not know where to start. I went to the store and got excellent help in picking out carpet, wood and tile for my house. I did the work in several stages, and the master decorating plan (colors, etc.) we came up with at the beginning turned out exactly like I dreamed it would. It looks awesome, like a brand new home! Don and the installers were wonderful. I am so glad I found Enhance and I would not go anywhere else for new floors!”

Thank you for the great review. You were a pleasure to work with. And we appreciate you for referring your co-worker, we look forward to helping her, too!