Finishing Up The ABCs Of Flooring

Learn about our favorite floors!

W is for Wood -- hardwood floors that is! These are the three most common questions we are asked about wood floors:

1. What is the difference between site-finished and prefinished hardwood floors?

Site-finished hardwoods are installed raw (unfinished) and then sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane in your home. You are able to select the stain color and the gloss level of the floor. Prefinished hardwood floors are fully manufactured and finished in the factory. A prefinished floor offers a quicker and more convenient installation, but you have fewer choices in stain color, etc. Both types of wood flooring (site-finished and prefinished) are available in solid and engineered wood.
2. What is solid wood? What is engineered wood?
~~Solid wood is exactly as it sounds: a solid piece of wood. Solid wood is usually ¾” thick.
~~Engineered wood is thinner and is made in plies (layers) with the actual species of wood on the top layer. The bottom layers utilize other species of wood for stability. Engineered wood was developed for glue down installation, but some can be nailed down. Engineered floors can be ¼”, 3/8” (most common), ½”, even 9/16” and ¾” thick. If the area being installed has a plywood subfloor, either type may be used. Solid wood floors can only be installed on a cement slab if special and expensive installation techniques are followed.
3. Are prefinished floors real hardwood floors? Are engineered floors real hardwood floors?

Yes, both are composed of 100% hardwood. Most engineered wood floors can be sanded at least once, except veneers. All ¾” solid prefinished wood floors can be sanded numerous times.

X is for Xanadu -- a gorgeous wool carpet by Stanton. Look at the colors! It's great for rugs, staircase runners, even wall-to-wall installations.
(Bet you thought we wouldn't have an X, didn't you!)

Y is for Yakima -- a nice wood color in the popular Thatcher line of LVP by Mohawk Flooring. This style is one of the few luxury vinyls made in the USA.
Fun Fact: Yakima is a city in Washington state, NOT a big shaggy cow!
Z is for Zebra -- not a REAL zebra -- a faux zebra print by Karastan!

This design captures nature’s true spirit of the wild and inspires adventures in decorating. And never fear, it's nylon, so it's very durable. Great for rugs and staircase runners, too.

Design Tip
Welcome fall by updating your color scheme – paint, accessories like throws and pillows, area rugs, window treatments, whatever you want to replace. Use warm colors like tan, caramel, sage green, berry tones, forest or mossy green, and off whites.  

How Much Does It Cost?


Trick question – if you have enough Decorating Dollars you CAN get your next project done for free! 

What are Decorating Dollars? The store credit you get when you refer someone that uses us  to Enhance Floor and More. Be sure your referral tells us your name when we ask them how they found out about us. Once the job is complete, look for your Certificate in the mail. 

WWOWT Wonderful World of Window Treatments

Window treatments are functional—but, they also add personality to your home. As the seasons change, you may want to give your home a different vibe or create function where it’s needed. In the fall, your home can benefit from a new set of window treatments to control glare when you are working from your home office or keep your living room warmer when cool air starts to creep in.

Trying to choose the best window treatments for your home this fall? Here are tips for how to choose window treatments that look best with your fall decor (and will be most functional as you transition to the cooler months!).

Focus on one (or two!) rooms

The wonderful thing about a refresh? Keeping it simple can still make a big impact. You don’t have to tackle all of your window treatments this fall. Instead, choose one room (likely one that will be open to guests!) to re-do. Decide what you want to add or take away.

Choose a simple fabric refresh

Sprucing up your window treatments for the fall season can be as easy as replacing your curtains. Switch your fabric to a festive caramel or deep burgundy color reminiscent of a fall harvest. Want a bit of pizazz? Go for a patterned fabric.

Change out the tiebacks and placement

You’re set on the window treatments you have, but want to change it up slightly—how about changing out the tiebacks or playing with the placement of your window treatments. 

Extend your curtain rod out a bit to give the illusion of a larger picture window. Add tiebacks to your curtains to show off the beautiful view of the fall-colored leaves outside. You’ll find it’s fun to play with the little details—they can make a HUGE difference!

Window shades for your home are a good idea. And we offer just what you need in terms of products and services. If you have any questions about window shades, shutters, or any other type of window coverings, get in touch with us