Have I Ruined My Floor?

We recently had a client in the store that had used a product on her laminate floor that had left a residue that she could not get up. Unfortunately we were not optimistic that there was an easy solution for her. There are many products that say "for hardwood floors" that you should NOT use!

Please read the labels carefully before you use a product on your hard surface floors. Words and phrases to watch out for are:
~Glo or Glow
~Fills in scratches
~Protects from water damage
~Leaves a long-lasting brilliant shine
~Oil soap
~Refresher, Rejuvenator
These words and phrases are telling you the product is more than a cleaner. There is some type of wax or dressing in the product which will almost certainly cause problems. Either it will not adhere (will peel or flake off) or there will be an unattractive residue on the surface of the floor. Please only use cleaners made by wood flooring manufacturers like Armstrong, Bona, or Mohawk.