Helping You Fall For Fall

Fall is finally just around the corner! The leaves will be changing, and the weather will be cooling down (hopefully!)  Fall in our area is just beautiful! And the change of seasons is always exciting to experience.
Incorporating seasonal touches into your home throughout the year makes each season more enjoyable because you get to participate in the beauty. It doesn't take much to transition your home décor. Just a few small changes can make a big difference. Here are a few ways to get you and your home ready for the new season:

Before you get started adding fall elements to your décor, store away anything that has a distinct summer feel. If you always decorate for the seasons, then you'll already know what you added and can put away. However, if this is your first time transitioning your décor from one season to another, go around your home and look for anything that makes you think of summer, such as items in bright colors, like blue, orange, coral, and yellow. Vacuum or dust those items as needed, then store them until next summer. This is also a good time to decide that some pieces are ready to be permanently retired!

During the fall, it's all about rich, warm scents. You can start subtly with fragrances that have a musky undertone, then as we get further into the season start bringing in more traditional scents like pumpkin and cinnamon. To really create a wonderful aroma, make a simmering pot of cloves, apple, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla. This can be done in a crock pot, or on the stove. Check every once in a while to add more water as needed.

One of our favorite ways to transition décor from summer to fall is to switch out or add cozy textiles, such as accent pillows, throws, guest towels, and even window treatments. Choose warm colors and rich textures like knits, wools, and flannel. On your bed, simply changing the sheets to something heavier and adding a blanket over the foot of the bed will completely change the feel.

It's a lot of fun to update your vignettes for the seasons. During the fall, think rustic touches and accents from nature: branches, leaves, moss, and even seasonal fruits such as apples and pears look great as fall décor. Be sure to incorporate pumpkins and gourds, because these are the very essence of Autumn. Other organic components to include in your "still life" vignette are apples, pears, acorns, pinecones, and kumquats.

While summer is all about the sun shining bright, fall is about cozier, warmer lighting. If your home has a lot of natural light, you can dim it a bit with heavier curtains. Candles are a wonderful go-to for fall vibes, but there are safer alternatives. There are battery and electric candles on the market that offer the same look and feel, or warmers that melt scented wax without a flame.

Here is a fun activity:Take 3 items, one from each list, and compose your vignette--
  1. Mums, cinnamon and cloves, fall color throw pillows, gold and orange leaves, decorative branches
  2. Pumpkins or gourds, apples, corn stalks, acorns, or pinecones
  3. Lanterns, wheat sheaves, hay bales, copper pots, or scarecrows

Work it all together, group the smaller items in a bowl or fun jar, and instantly, it's Fall!  Now wasn't that easy?

One last thing we love about this time of year in Atlanta-- it is the perfect time of year to spend more time outside! So, dine alfresco, or just go sit and read a book, the weather is delicious!

And remember, as you are preparing your home for colder weather and sorting through the closets, to round up outgrown winter coats and shoes, and extra scarves and gloves to donate. Someone out there can use them!

What's New At Enhance?
Subway tile has been a very popular choice for years. Traditionally white and glossy in 3" x 6" rectangles, these timeless tiles go with everything, even the busiest granite countertops.  The new look in this classic tile is larger sizes like 3" x 12" and 4" x 24". Recent arrivals include new colors (lots of blue shades!), new textures, and gorgeous glass tiles. Come in today and see what's new in subway tiles.

How Much Does It Cost?
The larger format subway tiles do cost a little more than the 3" x 6" size.  We just installed a large kitchen backsplash in a 4" x 12" embossed (textured) subway tile for $1800.  This included an upgraded stain resistant grout.  

I Was Floored By Enhance
Linda in Cumming recently wrote this 5 Star Review: "My husband and I hired Enhance Floors & More to redo our entire first floor. They did an outstanding job removing all old carpeting and engineered hardwood, and installed beautiful high quality engineered hardwood throughout and tile in our mudroom entrance. They removed carpeting from our front staircase and installed beautiful oak treads, newels, railing and wrought iron balusters. We also hired them to paint the staircase, which I highly recommend; the finished product is gorgeous. They are very knowledgeable, skilled and professional and kept us informed throughout the process. We plan to hire them again next year to do our second floor and another staircase."  Thank you, Linda.  We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to seeing you next year for the upstairs!