Home Design Trends To Look For

The Great Pandemic has made us rethink our homes - spending more time at home definitely reveals what works and what doesn't. Here are some things to consider, from Realtor.com:

The Great Outdoors
Elaborate outdoor spaces for the kids are trending, huge play sets with zip lines and climbing walls. No more simple tire swings! 

And for the adults, fireplaces or fire pits, patio/deck areas, and screened-in porches that can be used year-round are on the rise. That includes outdoor kitchens, which have become more popular than ever during the pandemic. If we are going to be outdoors, we want it as pleasant as possible.

Dedicated Home Offices
This is no surprise, right? We can probably all admit: Working from the kitchen table was kind of cute when you thought you would be doing it for only a few weeks. But now? Not so much. That's why, in 2021 (and beyond) home offices will be more important than ever.

"One of the most prevalent design trends currently is adding or renovating home offices. People are working from home and do not want to field calls from the kitchen table," says Simon Isaacs, owner/broker of Simon Isaacs Real Estate.

If you don't have a spare room for an office, there are plenty of ways to get creative and set up a space with some personality. In fact, one of the biggest trends on Pinterest this year is the rise of the "cloffice," a combination of "closet" and "office."

"I've seen clients transform hall closets into amazing offices with high-gloss paint, some wallpaper, and a few shelves," Isaacs says. "A can of paint can go a long way."

Clearly Delineated Spaces

The desire for open floor plans is dwindling. They're not completely passé (yet), but people are increasingly interested in closing off those wide-open spaces we so used to covet.

"The pandemic has completely shaped home design trends for 2020 and 2021," Isaacs says. "Not only do people want to create a cozy shared living space, but they also are carving out areas to have some space to themselves."

"The trend will be to create different living spaces within the open floor plan so people will have pockets or nooks in the home for e-learning, Zoom calls, a conversation, lounging, exercising, etc.," adds Julie Busby, founder of the Busby Group at Compass in Chicago.
The need for separate spaces is also shifting home buyers' priorities in the new year.

"New buyers are asking for homes with more separation, as sometimes multigenerational families share a home and need space and privacy amongst themselves," says Yorgos Tsibiridis, a broker at Douglas Elliman.

Smart Bathroom Innovations
We won't soon forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, when grocery shelves were cleared of Charmin and bidets sold out at home improvement stores.

Never embraced the bidet in your home bathroom? Well, hold on to your butts: That's just the start of things - you can expect to see a slew of new bathroom innovations in 2021 as homeowners continue to focus more than ever on hygiene (and perhaps prepare for the next Great Toilet Paper Shortage).Look for touchless fixtures, smart mirrors, smart toilets - you will soon be sharing your bathroom with Alexa!

The Final Week
We are in the final days of our big Grand Reopening Month. We recently updated many of the floors in the Design Center and invite you to come in and take a look.  We have over 40 installed floor coverings, as well as window treatments, a staircase, and kitchen and bathroom vignettes to see.

You can register to win a great prize (an LG television, gift cards, rugs, even a free floor to one lucky winner!) while you are in the showroom. You still have time, we aren't drawing for the prize winners until Monday, February 1.

Appointments are recommended. Call today to schedule your safe and private time to visit. Or here's the link to reserve your private appointment time: Hubspot Calendar
We look forward to seeing you in the store!

I Was Floored By Enhance
Donna in Marietta writes:"Enhance Floors and More refinished our 23-year-old white oak floors in a slightly different shade. They were damaged from sunlight, pets and water and the individual boards had separated in the seams from settling and shrinking. They filled in the seams and then resanded. I must say what a difference that made and we really like the new color. The sanding made some nice slight variations in the wood that resemble new flooring choices that have a distressed design. We are very pleased with the end result although it was not a fun process but thankfully not one required very often. My husband and I did a lot of the furniture moving and covering chandeliers, drapes, mirrors etc. that we could not take down and the crew moved the rest at an additional charge. Although there is not as much dust as in the old days from sanding there is still quite a bit even with the newest methods. I'm so glad we ended up doing it. We had a hard time deciding if we were up for the project which is quite a job but it was worth it in the end and only a few days inconvenience. The pros did a nice job, showed up on time and stayed in communication with us throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Thank you, Donna. We do agree that the refinishing process is inconvenient and not a whole lot of fun, though totally worth it in the long run. You end up with a brand new floor, for a fraction of the cost. Thank you for writing such a nice review on Houzz!

How Much Does It Cost
We won't reveal what Donna's project cost, but can tell you that similar projects run around $4.00 per square foot. This includes sanding the floor using a "dustless" system, a light to medium stain, and three coats of polyurethane. New shoe mold is also included in this price, as your existing shoe mold needs to be removed for the sanding process and is very rarely reusable.