How Much Does A New Kitchen Floor Cost?

Our customers sometimes tell us that they put off various home improvement projects because they thought the price was going to be so much more expensive than it turned out to be. These are not everyday purchases and many times you have no idea if something will cost $200, $2000, or $10,000! We thought it might be helpful to share some recent typical installations with you. We think you will find that many projects are surprisingly affordable.

We recently installed medium quality vinyl flooring in a small (168 square feet) kitchen and breakfast area for a little over $700. A “good” quality vinyl in a much larger (507 square feet) kitchen, breakfast area, hall, laundry room, and bath was only $1300.

¾” solid prefinished hardwood floors were installed in a small kitchen for $1300. An Armstrong laminate tile was installed in a 275 square foot kitchen for $2100.

Porcelain tile was installed in an average sized kitchen for $2400 and ceramic tile in another kitchen in a much bigger space that included the dining room for $2700.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of flooring choices for kitchens, and you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful new floor for your kitchen. Discuss your project with an Enhance Floors Design Consultant and make a small investment in your home that you will enjoy for many, many years.