How Much Does It Cost?

Our customers sometimes tell us that they put off various home improvement projects because they thought the price was going to be so much more expensive than it turned out to be. These are not everyday purchases and many times you have no idea if something will cost $200, $2000, or $10,000! We thought it might be helpful to share some recent typical installations with you. We think you will find that many projects are surprisingly affordable.

Many of our clients are considering bathroom updates. The average cost of a bathroom remodel is $9,720 according to figures from Remodeling magazine. This is a project with an average return on investment of 80 to 90%, sometimes higher. Why such a high rate of return? Because home buying is an emotional decision. When potential home buyers walks into a home that has ugly bathrooms, all they think of is the time, money, and headaches they will need to invest to get the room up to their standards. On the flip side, when homebuyers walk into a home that has fresh, updated bathrooms, it can get them very excited. They know they won't have to lift a finger in these rooms, thus they can afford to spend a little more on the purchase price of the home. Remodel your bathroom now, enjoy it, and know that it will pay off when you go to sell your home.

The biggest cost in most bathroom remodels is in tile. Some recent projects we have completed include:
--an upstairs hall bath with new porcelain tile on the floor and shower surround with a border for $4600. This included adding a custom shower niche and bench and new baseboards.
--a master bath installed with new porcelain tile on the floor, shower stall, and tub surround. This client had a shower bench and 3 niches created and used glass mosaics as a border in the shower. This custom project was $4400.
--another $4400 installation consisted of porcelain tile with an onyx/glass border in the master bath floor, shower, and tub surround.
--ceramic tile was used in a guest bathroom floor and shower and tub surround. Two shower niches were added; cost of this tile work was $2700.
--a $1900 project utilized ceramic tile with a border in a hall bath floor, tub surround, and shower stall. This client added a shower niche and new baseboards.
--also for $1900 was a hall bath floor and tub and shower surround in porcelain tile.