I Ruined My New Floor

One of the worst feelings is when something brand new gets broken or damaged. You worked so hard for that new car, and look at the ding in the door from some inconsiderate person in the parking lot! 

Floors are the same way. We'd love to tell you about all the indestructible floors, but unfortunately, there aren't any. Even porcelain tile can be chipped. And sometimes the damage is our own fault........
Here are some recent situations we have encountered. A client called that had used a "quick shine" product on her hardwood floors and did not like the way it turned out. She wanted to know how to get the product off. This is what it says on the bottle she used: "Restores the richness, color and beauty of hardwood floors. Made with pure natural plant-based Carnauba. Simply squirt and spread - Quick and easy." This product is not a cleaner, it is a wax. And there is no easy way to remove it.
Please, don't use random products on your hardwood floors. Always read the label carefully before you buy that new product. Words and phrases to watch out for include Polish, Finish, Glo or Glow, Fills in scratches, Shine, Protects from water damage, Leaves a long-lasting brilliant shine, Oil soap, Wax, Refresher, Rejuvenator. These words and phrases are telling you the product is more than a cleaner. There is some type of wax or dressing in the product which will almost certainly cause problems. Either it will not adhere (will peel or flake off) or there will be an unattractive residue on the surface of the floor. Please only use cleaners made by wood flooring manufacturers like Bruce, Bona, or Mohawk.

Another client had a party and there are now little indentions all over his new hardwood floors from high heels. He was genuinely surprised that this had happened. Did you know that measured in pounds per square inch (psi), a car has a load of 28-30 psi, an elephant 50-100 psi, and a 125-lb. woman with high heels, when she takes a step and those heels hit the floor, 2000 psi! That's a problem for any floor - wood, ceramic, carpet, and vinyl. Indentation will occur from the heels themselves, and even more so from protruding nail heads. An exposed nail head can exert a force of 8000 psi---high enough to pulverize hardened concrete.
Now you may be wondering what our client could have done to prevent this. Other than inspecting the shoes of every guest before allowing entry into the home, probably nothing. Using lots of runners and rugs to protect the hardwoods is an option. If you have certain friends that love their stiletto heels, consider buying several pair of inexpensive slippers and ask your guests to change into "more comfortable" shoes when they arrive. (Maybe you will start a new fashion trend!)
Hardwood flooring manufacturers are able to strengthen their surface finishes with Aluminum Oxide. Quality manufacturers use 6 to 10 coats of this durable finish on their flooring. These finishes create a very wear resistant durable surface for normal foot traffic for many years. However, regardless of the brand of wood flooring or finish though, all wood flooring can be scratched or indented if something heavy and/or sharp is pushed, dragged, or rolled over its surface. This includes stiletto heels or even a pebble stuck to the bottom of your shoe.
Sometimes clients are surprised that their dogs are scratching their hardwood floors. Little dogs with sharp nails and large dogs that actively run in the house dig in to get traction, possibly scratching the surface of any wood flooring. It is important to keep dogs' nails trimmed and to consider limiting their areas. Use lots of area rugs. There are companies out there that make dog booties that will protect your hardwood flooring. Also, make sure your pets are house broken. Pet urine is an acid and will damage the natural color of the wood flooring if not cleaned up right away, leaving a black stain that will not always sand out.
To steam or not to steam? Never us a steam mop on hardwood floors. Most wood flooring manufactures specifically state that the use of a steam mop voids the product warranty.  
Another client's dog threw up on her carpet, and her trusty stain remover did not get the spot all the way up. Please, when something is spilled on your carpet, don't grab any cleaner you can find. Take a quick moment to either call the carpet manufacturer or go to their website to find out exactly what you need to do to remove the specific stain. Some cleaning products can lock in a stain or permanently discolor the carpet. For many of the newer carpets, most stains will come up with warm water only. And never rub, scrub or use a brush. This may damage carpet fibers.
Another client neglected to ask her house cleaner to use her products and tools instead of their own. You guessed it: the cleaner used a “mop and shine” product on her brand new LVP floor.  Applying wax to a floor that isn’t designed for it will just buildup and cut its luster. The floor had to be stripped, and it still does not look as good as it previously did.
Finally, be sure you are only using a lightweight vacuum cleaner on your hard surface floors, i.e., a stick or canister vac. Be sure any wheels are rubber or felt wheels and won’t leave marks. If you choose to use an upright vacuum, make sure it’s one with a hard floor setting that will lift the “beater bar” out of the way or has the option to manually remove the bar altogether. The beater bar is the rotating brush that sweeps hair out of the carpet so neatly – but can scar the finish on your wood, laminate, or LVP floor.
PRO TIP: Apply felt tips to the legs of all your furniture. Avoid sliding, dragging, or rolling furniture. Casters are not friendly to your floor!
Design Tip
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