Is Hardwood Flooring Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, if it has the seal of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Like the “organically grown” sticker on produce, forest certification is a means of notifying consumers that certain wood planks come from forests harvested in a sustainable manner. Consumer demand for certification creates a powerful incentive for retailers and manufacturers to seek out environmentally friendly wood suppliers. This in turn prompts forest managers to adopt ecologically sound certified practices and to move away from destructive techniques like large-scale clearcutting. To ensure the flooring you are considering is certified, look for the FSC seal of approval. The FSC is an independent, international nonprofit organization whose membership is comprised of more than 500 environmental groups and forestry professionals. If the product you are not buying is not clearly marked (this is possible on older flooring samples), you can visit the FSC website to be sure.

By the way, the manufacturers that you will find at Enhance Floors & More: Mohawk, Mullican, Armstrong, and Somerset, are all FSC certified.