It's A Good Time To

Summer is here and school is out.  Now is the time that families go out of town for extended periods of time.  While you and your family are out having fun, it's a perfect time to get some of those home improvement projects you've been planning done.  One of the biggest challenges of doing certain flooring jobs is finding the time for people to be out of their homes.  For instance, if you are remodeling your bathroom, that bathroom is out of order for the duration of the work.  Kitchens are the same way.  Here are a few projects that you can have done while you are planning to be out of your home for a week or two.

Refinishing hardwood floors/new site finished wood floors
If you have wood flooring in your home, eventually it will need to be refinished.  You will do this, in effect, to get a brand new floor; you can even change the color of the wood for a fraction of the cost of new floors.  However, this type of work takes several days and there will be times that you cannot walk on the floors that are being refinished.  This is also true for new site finished hardwoods, the kind that are sanded in your home.  In many houses, if you cannot walk on the floors, you cannot get to your bedrooms, use your kitchen, etc.  Many, many clients have this work done while they are out of town.  We are already scheduling into July, so if this is a project on your "to do list" this summer, please be making arrangements now.

Staircase makeovers and refinishing
Staircase makeovers (complete replacements) are when we remove all of your existing treads, handrails, newels, and balusters and replace them with new.  When completing a new install we will have the stair parts sanded, stained and urethane coated prior to the installation which minimizes the time you are without your staircase.  The installation of a complete staircase makeover generally takes 1-2 days.

Refinishing an existing staircase and its parts can really disrupt the schedule in your home.  Stairs cannot be used for the duration of the project, and generally people don't have an extra set of stairs laying around.  When your bedrooms are upstairs, it can be very hard to live in the home without access to the stairs.  It is ideal for people to not be using their homes at all during a staircase refinishing, and keep in mind depending on what all we are refinishing, it can take 4-5 days to complete.

Bathroom remodeling
You might could say the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, and if you only have one, giving it an overhaul will be an issue if you still plan on using it every day.  Bathroom remodels take a lot of time and planning.  You will not be able to use your bathroom for at least a week, more than likely longer.  If you're already planning on going out of town for a while, it is a perfect opportunity to completely redo your bathroom.  And just think, when you come home you'll have a brand new, beautiful bathroom!

Kitchen remodeling
Kitchens are also a very highly used and important room.  Imagine not being able to cook for two or three weeks.  If you are a family with kids, that is a huge inconvenience.  Kitchen makeovers can be a long and lengthy project, so it works out better for everyone involved if the work is scheduled during a time where you will be out of your house for a little while.

Trends in Wallpaper
Wallpaper has a way of warming up a room and creating a rich, sophisticated look.  On the flipside, there are wallpapers that completely destroy a room's visual.  For instance, if you have not replaced the large, bold floral prints of the 80's,  it is time for an upgrade.  Most people today are moving towards a more subtle look with neutral tones.  Horizontal and vertical stripes in wallpapers can make a small room appear wider, and a low ceiling room appear more open.

When picking out a wallpaper it's important to remember less is more.  You don't want the wallpaper to be the focal point of the room, rather choose a pattern that enhances the décor that you already have.  If guests are immediately faced with gigantic flowers on the walls, that's probably all they will notice about the room.  If you are set on a pattern of some sort, there are lots of options that won't overdo it, such as simple geometric shapes.  Another point to keep in mind:  if you are planning on selecting a new floor or fabrics, it's much easier to work with  solid toned wallpaper than wild patterns and prints.

Feeling Overwhelmed?
Sorry, but we cannot help you if you are stressed out at work, but if decorating your home has you feeling anxious, we can help.  Schedule an in-home design consultation with us and an experienced Enhance Floors & More design consultant will come to your home and help you put your new look together.  Prices start at $99 for this helpful service.  And remember, consultations in our showroom are always free.  Just bring in your fabric and paint swatches, kitchen drawer (really!), take some pictures of the room(s), and spend time with a showroom design consultant for complimentary decorating assistance.