It's Finally Fall Y'all!

With a tease of cool weather a couple of weeks ago, we rushed out and bought marshmallows to roast over a cozy Autumn firepit, but a few days later, we were sweltering again---no cocoa or hayrides just yet, thanks very much! But it seems that Fall is truly around the corner now, here at the beginning of October, so let's do some seasonal prep.

It'll be getting dark earlier and earlier, so make sure all those outside lights have working bulbs, and go ahead and clean the cobwebs out too. The birdies have raised all their babies, and they've all flown away, so feel free to knock down any birds nests you find as well.

Indoors this is a good time to clean all those baseboards. If yours are already clean (mine aren't) then do something more aesthetically pleasing, and consider changing out artwork, swapping out window treatments, or adorning the sofa with some seasonal cushions. Bring those delicious soft throws out and toss them across the sofa. You may have some collectibles or knick knacks that you can "retire" for a few months and replace with the ones you usually keep put away. Yes, you know you have some!

And just so you feel ultra-practical and productive, clean out a drawer---one per week should keep you busy! Who knows what you'll find? Maybe something great you forgot you have!

In decorating this Fall, we're seeing copper continue to be popular. Brass and other gold-tones are still gaining a greater market-share as well. Colors are rich and drenched, oranges and blues leading the pack. Deep orangey reds, and blues in the middle of the spectrum (not too light, not too dark), as well as lush charcoally greys. This applies to home décor as well as clothing. 

What else is in for clothing?

Big chunky boots are out. A neat trim pair of ankle boots is a big Yes.

Fur that is obviously fake, made in lots of fun colors, is trending.

Don't put those maxi skirts away. Do pair them with fitted tops and jackets.

More do's and don'ts
Do a thorough vacuum cleaning inside the house- even moving furniture. Get ALL that dust!

Don't wear shoes inside the house. They carry dirt and germs.

Do clean all your switch plates. Don't spray cleaner directly on them- use a cloth dampened with cleaner.

Do paint your front door. Don't close it while it's still wet.

If that carpet still looks sad and tired after a good vacuuming, come on in to the store. We are having a great promotion-- The Mohawk Anniversary Sale features sale prices plus offers you a choice: an instant rebate (up to an additional $500 off, on a sliding scale based on square footage purchased) or 36-month interest free financing. Not in the market for carpet?  No worries, hardwoods, laminates, ceramic, and luxury vinyl floors are also part of the big Mohawk Anniversary Sale!

We also have a new product in the store. An interesting new "hybrid" of laminate and vinyl. It is Armstrong PRYZM and it is beautiful! There are four layers to it: a commercial grade wear layer, then the visual layer, award winning for its textures and designs, in the middle is a dent proof and waterproof core, and on the bottom is a cork layer for comfort and sound absorption. Very durable and scratch resistant, plus able to handle any moisture that comes its way, PRYZM is a fabulous new line we are so excited about!

What images does Fall evoke for you? For us, it's more than images. It's smells, too. That sweet clean smell of Autumn, the cinnamon and clove smells of pumpkin pie, that spiciness of chrysanthemums, and the wonderful woodiness of bonfires. And sounds---leaves crunching underfoot, birds chirping, and children happily exiting the school bus. The touch of the cooler, almost chilly, air at night, those cozy soft sweaters, and the feel of the breeze flowing in the windows we can open now after a hot summer. And oh! the taste of those apples straight from the orchard! And the fried well, everything, at the weekend festival!  And the pies! And the warm comforting soups!

But the sights! The earthy colors, the inviting textures, the beautiful corn mazes, the piles of orange and pink and yellow and white and green pumpkins. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin patches are popping up all over the place---stop by and pick out a few or a dozen. They make wonderful Fall décor, and will last right through Thanksgiving.  Gather some acorns, some pinecones, and your fall decorating is as good as done.

Another quick and easy way to update your home is with a new rug or two.  We have a large selection of rugs in our Rug Shoppe, with prices starting at $99.  Maybe you need a new rug for your foyer, an outdoor rug for your patio or deck, or a custom sized rug for your living room.  Come in and see what we have.  And if you just can't get by the store, you can also shop for rugs on our website.  Here's the link to see the beautiful rugs we sell online---great prices and a large selection!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are feeling so especially thankful that we remain so unscathed here in the Atlanta area, as Mother Nature has been showing her bad temper in so many other parts of the globe. Our thoughts and prayers linger so often these days on the folks whose lives have been ripped apart.

We here at Enhance are thankful for all our wonderful customers and friends. We are grateful for the part you play in our days, making our work a pleasure. We will be hosting a "Thankful" event on November 9th. Stay tuned for details!