Need Color Inspriation?

Is painting on your to do list this summer?   A recent study of Interior Designers reveal this year's "in" colors.  The most popular colors move away from the traditional neutral colors:  bright, bold colors are in this year.  Popular choices include-Blues (light and dark, tropical, turquoise)-Greens (teal, light, moss)-Fire colors (reds, magenta, pink, yellow, coral)-Dark purple
These colors work best as part of a whole room design.  Make use of accent walls, furniture, pillows and other accessories.  TIP:  If you plan on doing new flooring as well, make sure you select your new floor first.  Start where you have the fewer choices (flooring) then move on to where you have the most choices (paint).  We see clients all the time who have already painted and are having a very difficult time finding a flooring product that complements the paint they have chosen. 
Here are a few design ideas to get you started in putting it all together:

Seaside Harmony
The most tranquil of our four trend themes was inspired by the colors of the coastline: sea glass greens, warm white beach sand, and the peaches and soft blues of the ocean sky at sunset. The style is a fusion of streamlined modern and casual elements, softened with tarnished metals, waxed woods and cotton knits.  Use a cool aqua blue as the main color, accenting with dark blues and off whites to create a relaxed, inviting room.

Urban Alternative
Urban Alternative incorporates reclaimed woods, oxidized metal and contemporary furnishings for an updated industrial look. Inspired by the revival of home crafts and back-to-basic ingenuity, the colors are earthbound and weathered. Deep spice tones in burnt orange and dark olive, mixed with chalky browns of aged woods, and raw, unfiltered whites. The result is a palette that is both flexible and functional.

Grand Era
The popular period movies and television shows have revived interest in historic design from the late 19th and early 20th century. The result is a stately and opulent rendering, as traditional rooms and luscious jewel tones in ruby, topaz, sapphire and tourmaline make an appearance once again. These elegant rooms are fitting stages for romance and drama.

Natural Avocation
The curiosities of science drive this trend-from celestial events to geological wonders. Stars, planets, birds and insects give us glittering bright colors from the heavens, while shadowy jungle green and baked earth brown feel a little closer to home. The design style is a relaxed approach to traditional décor.  Make use of yellows, greens and bolder neutral tones to bring this theme together.