Now You See It, Now You Don't

One of the advantages of distressed hardwood floors is that you can do minor touch-ups yourself. The picture on the left is a wood sample that a "customer" returned to us covered with numerous scratches. Normally we would have to replace this sample.

Lucky for us, because this was a distressed floor, we were able to use a Sharpie marker to color in the scratches. The picture on the right is how the sample looks after we touched it up. If you are dreaming of new wood floors for your home, but are concerned about scratches and damage, be sure to ask your Enhance Design Consultant about distressed hardwoods!

NOTE: Do NOT try this on hardwood floors that are not distressed! Trying to touch up a "traditional" hardwood floor with a marker will look worse than if you had done nothing at all to the scratch.

I Was FLOORED by Enhance

Lori in Kennesaw says her new carpet looks great and that it was wonderful working with Enhance Floors. Teresa in Marietta loves her new QuickStep laminate floor. And Sandra in Roswell was so happy with the great job we did on her new hardwood floors that she referred her sister to us. We just installed the new carpet for her sister, so Sandra, watch your mailbox for your Decorating Dollars. Keep the great comments coming---we love to hear your feedback!