Our New Normal

Wow, what a weird past couple of months it has been. Our lives are so vastly different, aren't they? We hope you and your family are all healthy and well. It looks like the virus new case numbers are dropping and we are on the first steps of the journey back to "normal", whatever our new normal will be. It will be different for all of us. We all have to do what seems best for us and for our family.

As the shelter in place mandates are expiring and businesses are allowed to reopen, we are happy to inform you that we are increasing the staffing in the Design Center and able to offer more appointments for you to come in and shop for flooring. We are now open Monday thru Saturday, 10 til 5. One appointment will be scheduled at a time, so there will not be other clients in the store during your visit. We will wear a mask and ask that you wear one, too. We are following appropriate social distancing and, of course, no handshakes or hugging (yes, we sometimes hug our clients. Many of you are like family!) We are sanitizing the samples we handled and the door handles and knobs after each client. 

Our safety and safety of our clients is paramount. That being said, the in-store appointments are going great and everyone seems very comfortable with the protocols we are taking.

How To Diagram To Get A Ballpark Price
We are also able to ballpark pricing for you while you are in the store. The first step is for you to take accurate measurements and draw a diagram or two for us to work from. Here is some guidance on how to measure your rooms:

What you need:           
--Lined paper (notebook or graph)--Standard metal blade tape measure, 25 to 30 feet (shorter lengths are OK, but more of a challenge to use)
--Maybe a helper to hold the end of the tape or to write down the measurements for you

You can list your measurements in all inches or in feet and inches. Do not worry about fractions of an inch, round up to the next full inch.

When measuring for carpet, measure first the length of the room. This is going from the front of the house to the back of the house.Then measure the width of the room. This is from the side of the house to the other side of the house.

Treat a closet as a small room.

Draw a square or diagram to represent each room. If you use graph paper it helps you keep your lines straight. However, crooked lines don't really matter and your drawing being to scale is not important, what is crucial is your measurement being accurate. As you diagram, draw with the length of all the rooms going in the same direction (front to back of the house.)

You do not have to draw all the rooms touching, but it helps to have the closet connected to the room you are measuring.

When measuring stairs, we will need to know the number of stairs and the width of the stairs. Some steps will have an exposed edge (or edges) where wood is showing. Be sure to note this if applicable. If you have a landing(s), measure the length and width. Some staircases have what we call a "pie shaped" landing. Measure the widest depth of the landing and measure the width.

Measuring for hard surface flooring is very similar. The only difference is that we do not have to make sure that we keep the carpet running in the same direction. We will also need to know what type of floor covering is currently installed in each room.

If you want us to give you ballpark pricing while you are in the store, take a few minutes and draw a diagram (it's not as hard as it seems, we promise.  The key is using the right type of tape measure!)  And, of course, you don't have to.  We almost always come to your home to measure and double check everything prior to finalizing your order.

Design Tip
Now that the pollen has eased up, it's time to get outside. Want to make your great outdoors even greater? Hang some budget-friendly bistro lights. No special wiring necessary! Outdoor lighting provides just the right amount of sparkle to brighten up and add life to a blah backyard or patio. Readily available online - you don't even have to go to the store to shop!

How Much Does It Cost?
Wood floors always add value your home. A Roswell client had water damage in their kitchen and needed to replace the kitchen/breakfast room hardwoods and add wood in the living room, dining room, den, foyer, hall, and powder room. Our client chose Somerset Color Collection Solid Oak in the wider 3 ¼" width, color Red Oak Natural. The areas totaled 1075 square feet and the price was right at $11,000. We were on the job for a full week as there was demo to do.  The variation in Red Oak Natural blends nicely with so many different wood stain colors and paint shades.

I Was FLOORED By Enhance
Neil in Marietta writes that we did: "a beautiful job on our new den hardwood floor. Not only were they able to match the existing floor in other rooms but the two installers could not have been nicer and more professional. When they left there was no indication we had work done. They cleaned up and removed all debris. The floor is great. Thanks, Enhance and Don Stubbs."
Thank you, Neil. We appreciate you coming back to us. Let us know when you are ready for the new countertops for your kitchen. Enjoy your new floor!