Pets? Kids? Finally --- The Perfect Floor!

We all want beautiful floors that are easy to take care of and that will look good for many years. Hardwood floors are very popular, but for some of us they are just not a practical choice. Wood scratches, indents, changes color over time, and requires a little more maintenance than some of us are able to give, especially those of us with kids and animals.
If it is time (or past time!) for new floors for your home, consider laminate floors. Laminate flooring has become a popular choice for many homeowners due to its ability to closely emulate today's most popular hard surfaces, especially hardwood planks and ceramic or stone tiles. Besides the great textures and designs, laminate flooring offers improved durability, easier maintenance and affordability compared to other types of hard surface floors. These floors are extremely resistant to wear, stains and sunlight fading. The beautifully rich textured finishes make these floors a great alternative for most areas in your home.
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Can You Tell Which One Is A Laminateand Which One Is A Hardwood Floor?

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I have been told that laminate floors are not good for resale. Why?
Elisabeth answers: I think that most people saying this base their opinion on first generation laminates and on bad do-it-yourself installations that they have seen. I will agree that when laminates first came on the market, in the 1990's, they did not look as good as they do today. You could see the seams, there was no texture, and the visuals weren't great. As with everything, technology has greatly improved the appearance and realism of laminate flooring. There are many higher quality laminates that I would challenge an expert to say with a quick glance if it was real wood or laminate.

Also, to be honest, most DIY installations are not good. Just because it looks so easy to do on the home improvement shows does not mean it is. If the installation is not properly done, the floor will be much noisier, move when you walk on it, etc. Floating installations have very stringent installation requirements, and the floor needs to be installed correctly in order to look good and to perform well.

That being said, if your prospective home purchaser is the perfect candidate for real hardwoods, meaning no animals, empty nester, Mrs. Clean, etc., they will probably want the hardwoods. If your subdivision trends towards families, laminates will be a good selling feature for your home. Just buy a good quality laminate and have it professionally installed.

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Cherokee County School Fall Break is fast approaching---it is the week of September 17. This is a week that many clients use to undertake big projects in their home (bathroom remodels, staircase makeovers, refinishing hardwood floors) while they are away enjoying vacation time with their family. If you are planning on having work done that week, please get on our installation calendar. We are already filling up for that week, so don't miss out on the dates you need.

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