Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen, that yellow powdery substance that blankets cars, the ground, and everything in its path during spring, is here. It is usually NOT the cause of major allergic reactions. But pine pollen is certainly a nuisance, isn’t it?

Here are some strategies to help you survive the high-pollen days:

Indoor Management


Indoor Management:

  • Keep windows closed and use air conditioning on recycled settings to minimize pollen entry into your home or car.
  • Regularly change or clean air filters to maintain clean indoor air quality.
  • Shower before bed or upon returning home to remove pollen from hair, clothes, and skin.
  • Wear sunglasses or glasses to shield your eyes from pollen exposure.
  • Remove shoes before entering your home to prevent tracking pollen indoors.
  • Clean indoor pets’ paws and fur with a damp cloth to remove any pollen they may carry inside.

How to manage your pollen allergy

Outdoor Activity Adjustment:
  • Schedule outdoor activities before noon when pollen levels are typically lower.
  • Take allergy medication proactively before heading outdoors rather than waiting for symptoms to arise.
  • Monitor daily pollen counts; you can find the pollen count posted daily on the local tv channels and adjust your outdoor plans accordingly.

Outdoor Activity Adjustment

Year-Round Allergy Management Tips:
  • Dust strategically from top to bottom using damp microfiber cloths to trap dust particles.
  • Stay inside and keep windows and doors shut during high-pollen days.
  • Rinse pollen off surfaces to minimize exposure.

Hope this helps!

What Should I Get?

What Should I Get?

Ready for new floors? Here’s a quick quiz to help you find the best floor for you:

What room will you be replacing?

  • Living room 
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom 

What is most important to you?

  • Timeless look that won’t go out of style
  • Floor that is comfortable, soft, warm
  • Easy to take care of
  • Durable, lasts a very long time

How many kids and pets (combined total) live in your home?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • 6 or more

Is moisture a concern?

  • Floor will not be exposed to water
  • Would only get wet if I had a flood
  • Sometimes the floor will get wet
  • Water gets on the floor every day

What is your budget? 

  • $$$
  • $
  • $$
  • $$$$

DIY or professionally installed? 

  • Professional. I’m making an investment, I want the job done right
  • Need a professional, don’t have the right tools
    c. My floor is uneven, I don’t know how to correct the problem, I need a pro
    d. A professional crew that does this everyday can do it much quicker than I could

enhance floors and more

Now tally up your answers. If you got more of this letter:

  • Hardwood floors are a great choice for you. Beautiful, timeless, but require more care than other floors.
  • Carpet is for you. Budget friendly and cozy.
  • Luxury vinyl or laminate is what you should look at. Scratch resistant, water resistant, great wood looks and tile looks to choose from.
  • Ceramic/porcelain tile is what you need. Durable and waterproof, the best choice for a bathroom.

Now that you know where to start, come in and meet with an Enhance Design
Consultant to find the perfect floor for your home. Relax, we’re here to help!

Enhance floors and more

How Much Does It Cost?

The spring weather makes us want to update our decks and patios, doesn’t it?One
easy way to update your outdoor space is with outdoor carpet, either installed or a
large area rug.

When most of us think of outdoor carpet, we picture ugly green grass looking

Stanton Costa Del Sol

Stanton Costa Del Sol color Wave
100% SD UV Stabilized Royaltron™ Polypropylene
$5.50 per sq ft carpet only

Stanton Tulum

Stanton Tulum color Sea Grey
100% SD UV Stabilized Royaltron™ Polypropylene
$5.35 per sq. ft. carpet only

Southern Wholesale Tikki Hut

Southern Wholesale Tikki Hut
100% High UV Polypropylene
$3.65 per sq ft carpet only

Enhance Floors & More

Wonderful World Of Window Treatments
Wonderful World Of Window Treatments

Did you know there are draperies made for outdoor use? Outdoor drapery can really enhance your living areas, both outside and inside. If you like to spend time on your deck or in your sunroom, outdoor window treatments can block the sun from shining in your eyes and reduce glare on your phone or laptop, all while providing different levels of privacy. They also help block harsh UV rays, keeping energy costs down and protecting your furnishings.

Sunbrella fabrics

The Sunbrella fabrics can be made into drapery. We carry a line from RM COCO. Sunbrella fabrics go anywhere and are tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature along with all the little accidents that come from everyday living. Sunbrella fabrics pass 1,500 lightfastness hours and will remain beautiful and provide high-quality performance while adding design and comfort to living spaces inside and outside. Fabrics are woven using high-performance solution- dyed acrylic that is resistant to stains, mildew, and UV light and can be used to cover a variety of furniture pieces. Most stains are cleanable using soap and water. More difficult stains are cleanable using a water and bleach solution.

RM COCO Veranda collection


While Sunbrella fabrics are limited to solid colors, the RM COCO Veranda collection has prints, geometrics and solids. This collection of woven and printed indoor/outdoor performance fabrics offers a variety of styles from classic and understated to bold and fun, and colors reflect today’s most popular shades. Fabrics in the collection are woven using high UV polyester, solution-dyed olefin, and blends of these yarns. All products are water repellent, anti-fungal, anti- bacterial, and easy to clean with soap and water.

Performance Rating: 400 - 2,000 Hours

Hunter Douglas

Although Hunter Douglas does not have any fabrics or window treatment products that we recommend for 100% outdoor use, we do carry Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters that are water resistant and can be used for some covered patio situations.