Planning A Home Improvement Project?

Planning A Home Improvement Project?

Chances are you have an item or two on your home To Do list. Maybe it’s something small and DIY like painting a wall or replacing a faucet. Or maybe you have a bigger project in mind: new kitchen countertops or new floors for the basement. Whatever it is, don’t dive right in.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for you to consider:
Don’t underestimate the job. Major home improvement is not a job for amateurs. The dangers are obvious: mistakes can end up costing you more than the project was worth. The cost of a mistake may not be what you expected. Cutting corners with electrical or plumbing, for example, can leave you with a system that doesn’t work. Or cheap doors and windows will let in the cold or the heat. If something goes wrong, you might injure yourself, and your homeowner’s insurance might deny your claim.

Don’t always buy the cheapest materials. Recognize that you get what you pay for. If you want something to last, invest in it.

By extension, don’t always buy the most expensive materials and products either. The most expensive is not always the best. Do your research. Check out reviews. Speak to people. Then make an informed decision.

Don’t try a DIY remodeling a project that you are not qualified to do. DIY projects can be cost-effective and self-rewarding. However, trying to accomplish a kitchen remodel with no carpentry skills just doesn’t make sense. There is a reason why we watch football from the couch and let the professionals play the game on the field.

DIY Tip: Do measure and remeasure wood, metal or any other material before cutting. If you cut it too short, you can’t undo it. So be cautious and take your time.

Considering a bigger project?

Some jobs require an architect, while others call for a designer. Other times, a skilled home renovation contractor will understand your vision and work with you to develop a solid strategy. Whatever you do, don’t begin remodeling without first drawing out a thorough floor plan that is to scale. Several factors interact in a space; if you see them all on paper, you’ll be able to identify issues before they are constructed.

Do keep in mind that not only the monetary worth of your home matters, but also your desires and your quality of life. A pool or a professional-grade kitchen may offer years of enjoyment and amusement to your family, so don’t discount them because you’re worried about selling in the future. As we all know, the level of comfort and happiness you may find in your own home has a significant impact on your entire health and happiness.

Do hire a professional who is licensed, insured, and qualified.

Getting the job done right the first time will save you time and money. Listen to what the professional suggests and has to say. His or her experience is valuable and should be taken into full consideration.

Don’t hire a contractor because they have the cheapest price.

We are often compelled to save money, and save it immediately! There is a reason one contractor charges $2.00 per sq ft and another charges $4.00. Be sure to determine why there is a discrepancy in prices and what that means to you.

Do remember that an important factor to consider is that the true cost of a remodeling project is the value of what you are paying for. Typically, lower prices are associated as a potentially negative trade-off for lesser quality materials, workmanship or warranty. Also understand that a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.
Don’t become frustrated during a remodel

Frustration may lead to costly mistakes, such as, skipping corners, rash decisions, and unwanted items in your home. The impact from one remodeling project can lead to further unneeded work in the future.

Do be prepared to pivot

Be prepared to understand that during your remodeling project that things may change, that challenges are likely to occur, and that time is money. Be ready to make smart decisions and understand things may not always go according to plan. You may find that in older homes and homes with previous DIY projects, items may not follow proper code.

Not planning a big project?

Don’t neglect the upkeep of your home

Don’t forget about the fundamentals like basic maintenance, which can result in major issues for your home later on. Don’t lose sight of the basics with respect to your home. Using a football analogy again, it’s great to run trick plays but if it comes at the cost of basic blocking and tackling, then you’re never going to win the game.
Do maintain and keep your home up to date

Maintaining your home will not only help bring comfort and a sense of pride of ownership to your home, but enhance its overall value, while will help cut down on costs in the long run. A little bit of maintenance here and there goes a long way. If your car gets an annual checkup shouldn’t your largest single investment, your home, be taken care of as well?

I Was Floored By Enhance

Lisa in Roswell writes:

“Enhance put in laminate for me, replacing some old and dirty carpet. My favorite enhancements, though, are the solid oak stair treads they put in. These are simply beautiful! All work was extremely professional and completed in a couple of days.”

Thank you, Lisa. We know you will enjoy how easy your new laminate floors are to take care of. Glad we were able to get this done for you before your big holiday party!

How Much Does It Cost?

We installed Mohawk RevWood Select laminate for Lisa in her large family room. The total was a little over $3100 for 355 square feet. We also installed 8 new stair treads on her staircase that we stained to coordinate with the laminate floor, for $2100. We agree that color of the new stair treads and floor really updated the look of her home. Bye bye old dirty carpet!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to order an extra box when you are purchasing hard surface floors. Keep it in a safe place -- you never know if you will need a repair made and need more product to use. So many homeowners have had to replace all of their floors because they could not get more of the product to make a repair.