Remnant Pieces

Odds and ends and leftover thoughts:

~~Financial experts have cautioned homeowners and homebuyers that a house should no longer be considered a high-performing asset, but rather a place to enjoy living over a long period of time. As you update your home, do it for you, not the next homeowner.

~~For the economy to improve, a meaningful rebound in housing is needed. Each new home built creates the equivalent of three jobs for a year and generates about $90,000 in taxes, according to the National Association of Home Builders. So smile when you see new home construction beginning around you.

~~Sales to look for in August and September: computers, Labor Day weekend appliance and furniture sales, china and flatware (know anyone getting married?), and patio furniture.

~~Thinking about remodeling this fall? A major trend is the vanishing living room. The room most likely to be featured in the average 2015 home will be a great room that's combined with the kitchen. Is there a way to merge your living room with your kitchen or some other room by knocking out a wall? If not, can you repurpose your living room to make it a more usable space?