Shopping For A New Home?

It seems like everybody is buying and selling. Here’s something to think about before you start looking: how “move in ready” do you want the house to be?If the home isn’t perfect, decide which projects you’re willing and able to take on. Home renovation shows on TV are not real life – it’s never as simple as it seems. You might walk into an older home and think, well, I can just tear down that wall to open up the kitchen. Though the idea is tempting, you might regret that decision down the road: everything is always more complicated and expensive that you thought it would be.

You might be fine with updating the paint, landscaping, and appliances but not be willing to commit to any major projects that involve a contractor (like moving walls, repairing the foundation, updating the electrical service, fixing the roof, or any other high-ticket items). Maybe you’re OK with replacing the floors, but you don’t want to deal with windows. Just make sure you know your limitations and budget so you can avoid those items should they come up.A basic understanding of big-ticket problems will help you immensely. Red flags like mold, water stains, or cracks in the ceilings or walls can indicate major leaks, for example. Spend some time learning what various projects cost, like a new roof, and be sure to factor in before you make that offer.

Let’s say you find your new dream house – but want to add more of the same flooring. This is not as easy as it seems. If you can’t get information on the floors that you want more of (manufacturer, style, color) it may not be possible. We would love to tell you that we can look at a floor and tell you exactly what it is, but we can’t. There are thousands and thousands of floors, and every year styles get discontinued. Then factor in that some floors change color over time – darken, lighten, fade from the sun, discolor -- and that makes it even harder. 

If adding more floor is something you want to do, please gather the following information before you begin the search:

What do you know about the floors? Is there paperwork on the floor that came with the home? Know who installed them that you can contact for more information? Is there a box in the attic with identifying information?How old is the house?

Approximately how old are the floors?

If the new floors will touch your current floor, it really needs to be exact to avoid looking like patchwork. If the floors do not touch, close enough is good enough.

PRO TIP: Figure this out before you knock out a wall. If you can’t find more of the adjoining floor, you are now replacing lots of flooring, adding to the cost of your project.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day is Monday, May 31. Memorial Day commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and place American flags on graves in cemeteries. Memorial Day is so much more that a 3-day party or a big furniture sale. Let's all promise to remember what we are really celebrating.

We will be closed Sunday May 29 and Monday May 30 in honor of Memorial Day. We will reopen Tuesday at 10:00 am. Stay safe and have a happy Memorial Day!

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