Spend A Little Money To Make More Money

Spend A Little Money To Make More Money

Remnant Pieces
Remnants are small pieces leftover from jobs, not big enough to use for a large area, but big enough to hold on to. This week our newsletter is filled with small topics – not enough for an entire newsletter, just good little tidbits of information. Hope you enjoy these remnants!
Biggest ROI
A recent survey of Realtors by the National Association of Realtors declared the most profitable home improvement project to boost your resale value is hardwood floors. Not upgraded kitchens. Not renovated bathrooms. 

Refinishing of existing hardwoods returns 147% of what was spent. New hardwood flooring returns 118%.

In real money, if you spend $3400 to refinish your hardwood floors, you add $5000 to the sales price of your home. Hardwood floors hold their value more than tile or LVP. Solid or engineered hardwood, prefinished or site finished wood, it does not matter. Buyers will pay more money for hardwood floors.
Going To A Party?
Or hosting one? One of our favorite tips to keep your dish cool out in the heat is to take a large bowl and fill it with ice. You can then place a small or medium bowl(s) inside of that with whatever you are serving that you need to keep cool. The ice will keep everything fresh for hours. 

Old As Dirt, Literally
Did you know that ceramic tile was first fired in Egypt before 1000 BC? Created as a form of weatherproof roofing, ceramic tiles were created from clay available in the region. As time progressed, so did the craftsmanship of tile: soon they were being used to decorate walls and create stable floors.
The first porcelain tiles were crafted in China, somewhere during the 15th century. Later this was perfected by the Italians.
The Clock Is Ticking
If you are wanting a new kitchen for the holidays, now is the time to be finalizing your cabinet order. Many manufacturers are quoting 8 to 12 week lead times. The more custom the cabinets, the longer it will take.
Want to cook Thanksgiving dinner in a new kitchen? You are running out of time to get your cabinets manufactured and installed.

The 5 Cs
When you are selling your home, even in a hot market, pay attention to the 5 Cs to get the top dollar:

1.   Curb appeal
Buyers look at that exterior listing photo first. Figure out what would keep a buyer from actually “seeing” your home. Is the house hard to see because of overgrown trees and landscaping? Is a stained or severely cracked driveway ruining the look? Is the exterior paint job peeling or cracking? Is there debris or other items in the yard that detract from the home? Start by removing overgrown bushes and unattractive landscaping that no longer serves a purpose. Trim trees and remove dead or dangerously leaning trees. Pine straw is your best friend. A pine straw isle can hide those bald spots.
How’s the landscaping around the mailbox? The house number is usually found on the mailbox, and it’s one of the first things buyers see.
Beautiful curb appeal is the first opportunity a buyer has to fall in love with your home!

2.   Clear clutter
Clearing the home of clutter is not easy for many of us. It’s hard to decide what to do with the “stuff.” Rooms full of stored items prevent buyers from seeing the home at its best. And, in darkened, rarely used rooms and basements that have been full of boxes and furnishings… mold may be growing. A moldy smell sends buyers running. Clearing the home’s living spaces of too much “stuff” is key. Bookcases full of disorganized clutter, overstuffed closets, and rooms so full that you can’t see the architectural features of a home is a turn off to buyers. While sellers don’t have to throw away items that are near and dear to them, clearing enough so the space can be cleaned and presented properly will help a home look its best. Giving away, selling, throwing away, or storing items are all options for unused items when a home is on the market.

3.   Clean
It’s really basic to say “clean” your home, but when a home is on the market, it has to be done to the highest level. If you decide to do this yourself, we recommend cleaning one room at a time. Start with the most obvious: windows, mirrors, bookshelves, countertops, cabinets, and floors. Clear spiderwebs! If you notice a smell… find out where that odor is coming from and make the fix. And don’t forget the exterior front entry, including outside lighting.

4.      Color
Today’s buyers are looking at neutral, soothing tones. Pops of color are most often achieved with furnishings and accessories. Let’s talk color. If your home is decorated in the reds, golds, dark beiges and greens of the 2000s …. it’s time for a redo.
A new paint job gives the opportunity to repair holes in walls, repair blemishes where caulk or tape has dried up or cracked, and other imperfections in the walls and trim. A new paint job can make the home look more in keeping with current design trends. Also, a freshly painted home smells “new.”

5.      Condition
Have you given the home a critical look? Take inventory. Look at the conditions you can change. Make sure everything is checked off your “to do list.” Does your front door say welcome? If not, clean, paint, and change out faded or outdated lights. Ceiling stain from a repaired roof leak? Paint it. Broken faucet? Replace it. Does your tub need new caulking? Caulk it. Ripped screen? Fix it. How’s that deck looking? Is it leaning, sinking, or have wood rot? Are the rails shaky? Are there safety issues concerning your deck? This will come up in inspection. Look up! Look at the outside trim and soffits. Is there wood rot? Repair the wood rot and paint the exterior if needed. 

Have a stucco home? Get an inspection. Make repairs, then paint. Be sure to use the proper caulk. Keep in mind that buyers today are loving the new exterior whites, soft grays, and very light cream colors. And a warranty on stucco homes helps assure buyers that your home not only looks great but is in excellent condition.
(Compliments of our favorite East Cobb Realtor Lee Ann Wynns)

Born In The USA
This month our featured sale items are all made in the USA. It’s easy to find great carpets and laminates to offer – most carpet is made right here in Georgia, and quite a bit of the laminate that we sell is made in North Carolina.

There is a nice selection of hardwood flooring made in the USA. Somerset Hardwood Flooring is one of our favorite wood flooring lines. It is made in Somerset, KY. From their website: “Creating jobs and products in the USA is something in which we take great pride.” We have several great Somerset hardwoods on sale this month.

It was a little more challenging to find USA-made LVP and LVT. Most is still imported, primarily from China and Vietnam. But there are some great products that are made in the USA: Mohawk and Pergo make a few styles in this country, and a new line we are carrying called Firmfit is made in America. Sale pricing starts at $5.65 per sq ft with basic installation.
Come in today and take a look at our featured products – beautiful floors, something for every budget and style, all on sale, and all made in the USA!

Wonderful World of Window Treatments

"There is no substitute for beauty of natural light"
Great products start with great design. A well-designed window treatment does more than simply cover a window. Great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, insulates rooms against heat and cold, saves energy, protects furnishings from damaging UV rays and improves the acoustics in a room.