Stuck In The Past?

I recently stayed in a very nice home that was built in the 80's, and it was obvious that the interior has never been updated. Pink walls, lots of floral patterns, Berber carpet, white-washed glass-topped furniture, and shiny brass fixtures---I felt like I had stepped back in time!

This got me thinking about how often you should redecorate. A recent HomeGoods survey found that 47 percent of Americans haven't updated their home decor in the last five years - and nine percent haven't in more than 10 years.

While I totally think that good design is what YOU like and what makes YOU feel good about your space, and not what some expert says is "in", I think there are certain themes that can really date your space. Here are some of the major design trends of the past forty years. Is your home stuck in one of these decades?

The 1970s
Popular colors included green, yellow, orange, brown and turquoise. White was popular, with accents in any of the preceding colors. Synthetic materials were popular materials for furniture and accents---Lucite, chrome, plastic and vinyl. Wood floors were covered up with shag carpet, and every room had a lava lamp.

The 1980s
Floral patterns were in vogue---on sofas, chairs, bedding, wallpaper borders and window valances. Popular colors in the '80s included salmon, peach, mauve, teal and hunter green. Shag carpet was replaced with shorter plush carpet in colors such as pink and blue, or Berber. Vinyl flooring was used in bathrooms and kitchens. Many experimented with texturing, such as sponge painting and creating "popcorn" ceilings. Lots of mirrors are another sure sign of '80s style.

The 1990s
Popular colors in the 90s were blues, white, yellow, and orangish tones like salmon and terra cotta. Shabby Chic, the idea that old, beautiful things are chic even if the paint is peeling, the fabric a little tattered, the metal a little tarnished, was popular. Other trends include cottage, retro/vintage, arts and crafts, and country.

The 2000s
Jewel tones (burgundy, navy, dark green) were dominant colors in the early 2000s. Popular colors began to change by the mid 2000s to all shades of blue (midnight, slate, sea glass), oranges and reds (nutmeg, paprika), and browns and golds. These colors were paired with wood, stone, and slate, all increasingly used design elements in the 2000s.

What to Expect in 2013
The newest interior paint colors for 2013 are more natural and elegant: pale coastal blues, cream, gray, navy blue, gold, and browns. Wallpaper is back, trendy furniture will mix wood and metal, and popular finishes will be chrome, polished nickel and brass. To see more, spend some time on PINTEREST (CLICK HERE) and look for pictures that have numerous repins. These pins are the most popular and provide insight on coming trends.

Expect to see down-to-earth motifs featuring bamboo, shells, stained glass and stone in 2013. Homeowners have more disposable income, having learned how to be patient and wait, and want top value for their hard earned money and will be less likely to settle on less than ideal purchases.
Interior decorating is shifting from a "where can I save the most money" attitude into a "what will I love in this area" mentality right now.

Start With The Floor
If a redecorating project is in your plans for 2013, our advice is to decorate from the floor up. Your floor coverings account for at least 30% of the room. We meet with many clients at the end of their design process who have a hard time finding and budgeting the perfect floor covering that "ties it all together." Your Enhance Floors Design Consultant will assist you with the perfect design plan that ensures that all of the design elements-paint, floors, fabrics, furniture, countertops, cabinets- complement each other and work together-on time and on budget.

No Better Time To Buy
And there is no better time than right now to buy! Our "New Year ~~ New Look" sale offers savings of up to 35% OFF on your new floor. Call or come by today to begin making all of your home improvement dreams come true in 2013.