The Best Dollar-Store Deals

If you haven't checked out your local dollar store lately, you are missing out on the savings. Today's dollar stores offer products equal to those found in regular stores, sometimes the exact same thing, and at prices up to 70% less than the prices found in drugstores and supermarkets. lists the best buys at dollar stores:
~cleaning products
~snacks-potato chips, candy, crackers
~bath and beauty-shampoo, bubble bath, bath sponges
~gift wrap
~scrapbooking supplies
~containers-plastic bins, fabric-lined baskets, food storage, glass jars and bottles
~kitchen gadgets and tools-big spoons, every day serving utensils, spatulas, timers, measuring cups and spoons, graters, can openers
~children's books
~school supplies-paper, pencils, binders, organizers

TIP: This idea is from my brother-in-law. Keep two separate "To Buy" lists: one for grocery store items and one for dollar store purchases.