The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner

No, we are not confused, and that was not a typo. Believe it or not, if you are thinking of making any changes to your home anytime soon, and want them finished before the holidays--NOW is the time to act! Our installation calendar is already filling up for August and September. We understand, it is hard to think in those terms when it is 90 degrees outside. We're still thinking swimming pools, and the TV is full of commercials for Back to School Savings.

Before you know it, Labor Day will have come and gone, and you will be buying Halloween candy. And just. like. that. Thanksgiving! The whole family will be there, gathered in your living room. There you are in your kitchen, pulling that big perfectly browned turkey out of the oven. And you will be so proud and happy that your home is so beautiful and looking its' best, because you thought ahead to call us in August and get started on that new wood floor.  And countertop.  And backsplash. What a perfect moment! Kudos to you!

Flooring and remodeling are not changes that happen overnight. There are so many choices to be made. You put a lot of thought and effort, and hopefully research, into making these decisions. They are big ticket items, and disruptive to your life, so a mistake is a very big deal. We make an extra effort to educate you on your choices when you are here at Enhance.

Our skilled installation teams are wonderful. We only hire the best, men who we have worked with us for years, and who know how to maintain our high levels of quality. The real estate market is booming, and the down side of that is that there is a scarcity of qualified service contractors.  For our customers, that unfortunately means a wait to have their remodeling done, or their new floors installed. And that is true for most reputable companies right now. If you do speak with a contractor who is available immediately, that should raise a red flag. Why aren't they busy?

Please Be Careful
And speaking of raising flags- our children are all back in school as of this week. I don't know about you, but I had definitely gotten used to not having to stop for the school buses, or slow down for the school zones. Traffic has really increased this week. Plan accordingly-- allow more time for your commute, and be sure to watch out for the buses! Here are the rules:

It's Crazy How Time Flies By
And yes, school is back in, but while the weather is still cooperating, make the most of these last few beautiful hot days of summer. Go to the pool, go on the picnic, take that last weekend getaway. Because soon enough, the fun will be over, and the mornings will be frosty again. We'll be roasting marshmallows and carving pumpkins before you know it!Our schedule is filling up with customers who are making plans and getting their flooring and remodeling projects started now. Call us, and let's get your project started!Are you hoping to get new carpet in before the in-laws come to visit? That is certainly do-able.  We have some beautiful new styles just introduced by Karastan, and this month, Karastan is offering an Instant Rebate on all their SmartStrand carpets.  .33 cents of each square foot of carpet!

If you have been thinking about putting in new hardwoods, we have some wonderful looks for you, as well as some wonderful
pricing. And we have recently added new wood lines by Anderson Tuftex, U S Floors, and Fabrica.  All very different, and all gorgeous! The Fabrica line includes patterned wood floors, and some great wall treatments, as well. Come in and let us show them off! And in case you're concerned, there is still time to have them installed before the Holidays, so don't worry, but don't wait!

And if you're wondering when our next event is- stay tuned! Announcement coming soon ☺ Our events are always fun and loaded with good food, cold drinks, and great prizes!

Design Tip
What is NEW and popping up everywhere? Hexagons! Referred to as Nature's Perfect Shape, we are seeing this shape on everything in design--floor tiles, wall tiles, on vinyl, in porcelain deco tiles for the shower and bath. So, whether you call it honeycomb, beehive, or hex---plan to incorporate it in your next design project!

How Much Does It Cost?
A recent total kitchen makeover in Smyrna featured new cabinets, new lighting, and new counter tops. The customer had beautiful wood floors which did not need to be replaced.The total of $42,000 included all new KitchenCraft cabinets with under cabinet lighting, a whole new pantry with pullouts, Quartz countertops, and a glass backsplash. The customer is thrilled with her gorgeous new kitchen!  Look for more pictures on our Facebook page and on Instagram and get inspired.

I Was Floored by Enhance
Nancy in Roswell tells us:"Enhance did a great job. We've had them several times. They're very good, and they follow up. We were very pleased. The first time they carpeted our whole downstairs and did a good job. But the second time was much more extensive. They totally redid a bathroom and painted the bedroom and re-carpeted the floor and tiled the bath. We had an old bathtub; they had to rip out the bathtub. They put in a beautiful walk-in shower. We'd had a hole in the floor where we used to put dirty clothes through like a chute, they had to go in and fix that, and they had to move the toilet over. It was an extensive job, and it was beautiful. Great job. Very pleased."
Thank you, Nancy! And Thank you for being a repeat client!