The New Normal?

You are ready to buy something. A new refrigerator. A new HVAC system. Chlorine for your swimming pool. Chicken. But there’s a problem. You can’t find it anywhere. 

Or the prices are ridiculously high. Plywood. A used car. Steak. What’s going on?
Demand is outpacing supply, and prices are going up, if you can even get the product at all. Costs to ship products have increased dramatically, especially on imported items.

You may be wondering what this has to do with flooring. We are having challenges, too. Our U.S. manufacturers (hardwood flooring, laminates, carpet) are having a hard time keeping up with demand – literally selling product as quickly as they can make it. 

If the product is imported (most LVP is, along with many other products) there are extensive delays (and costs) in receiving the product.

It’s challenging. Normally our clients have to wait for our incredible installers to be available. Right now, our clients are waiting for product.

And pricing – every manufacturer we work with has had at least one price increase this year. Some are on their third price increase (and it’s only June!) Unfortunately, we are only able to honor some of our estimates for 10 to 14 days as the pricing is changing so quickly. 

Industry experts do not expect product availability or pricing to stabilize until 2022.

The “new normal” for many of our clients is that they either wait for exactly what they want, or we check availability on products until we are able to find a color that you love that is available. Don’t give up; everything is NOT on backorder

We look forward to assisting you during these unprecedented (aren’t you tired of that word?) times and sincerely appreciate your business. We’re here to help; we will work together to make your home beautiful!

Faucet 101
Did you know the most used fixture in your kitchen is the faucet? Updating your kitchen faucet may seem like a small thing, but it has a dramatic impact on the styles and use of your kitchen.

There are many different kinds of faucets, each with its on features. Faucets don’t have to be chrome, they come in a variety of finishes. Check out matte black, gold, copper, rose gold, and nickel. 

Here are the most popular types of faucets:

High-arc: also called gooseneck, high-arcs are over 8 inches tall. They pair well with extra deep sinks.

Touch-on / touchless: A self-titled faucet, there are touch-on models or faucets that are activated by motions sensors.

Pot filler: A pot filler is a cold water only faucet mounted to the wall above the stovetop. The folding arm lays against the wall when not in use.

Pull-down and pull-out: These are both short gooseneck – or rounded spout – faucets with a spray head that you pull out from the end of the spout.

Wall-mounted: As its name suggests, this space-saving faucet is mounted on the wall instead of the sink.

Bridge: Bridge faucets are highly decorative. The faucet handles are attached to the main spout. These are often used as wall-mounted faucets.

Bar and prep: Bar sink faucets are usually small because they’re installed in secondary sinks or are not used as the primary water source. 

Pro Tip 
Getting new countertops and/or a new backsplash? Select and order your new faucets concurrently. You will need to have them on hand at the time of estimating so that the installer knows exactly where the faucet will be located.

How Much Does It Cost?
We just installed a wide plank hickory floor in the main level of a Roswell home – 1406 sq. ft. The price came in just over $12,000. This included removal of the existing carpet and vinyl floors, moving the furniture and appliances, trim, and new shoemold. Our client tells us that having the same floor everywhere makes the rooms seem so much bigger and the home feel more open.  

I Was FLOORED By Enhance
Lisa in Smyrna writes:
“Enhance Floors was fantastic. They did a kitchen, a family room, and a hallway in Mohawk waterproof laminate. They did preparation work like you wouldn’t believe, and they did a phenomenal job putting it together. I had an extremely positive experience. They’re an A +.”
Thank you for the great review, Lisa. We know you will enjoy your new floor for years to come – it will be so easy to keep looking good with your big dogs. We enjoyed working with you and appreciate your business.

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