The Room You Spend The Most Time In

The heavy yellow pollen is finally going away, and it’s time for some spring cleaning. Here are some tips for the room you spend the most hours of the day in – your bedroom:

The Usual---Dust, vacuum and wipe down all surfaces.

Open Windows—Bedroom linens and mattresses are known for gathering allergens and germs. In the room where you sleep, you want to eliminate these germs as much as possible. Wait to do this on a sunny day, as humidity is an invitation for dust mites. 

Peel Off the Sheets—While the windows are open, let the mattress breathe. Take the linens–duvet covers, dust ruffles, sheets, shams, and pillowcases–and throw them in the wash. 
PRO TIP: Wash linens in the same order you make a bed. 

Don’t Forget the Drapes---If you can, take down and wash curtains, or at least run the vacuum’s upholstery attachment over them. If you don't have curtains, wipe down the slats of your shutters or blinds.

Clean the Floors—If you have:

~~Hardwood Floors -- use a gentle hardwood floor cleaner and a microfiber mop. 

~~Carpet -- vacuum under your furniture. Wipe down your baseboards and crevice vacuum while the furniture is moved. Do not drag heavy furniture across the carpet; looped carpet could snag and run; the heat and friction generated by the dragging of the heavy pieces can burnish the tips of all carpet fibers, leaving a permanent mark.

The warranties on most carpets require the carpet to be professionally steam cleaned (hot water extraction) every 18 months. Many people do this in the spring to rid the home of all the winter grime that has been tracked in. Make sure you are choosing a reputable carpet cleaner and save the receipt. If you ever have to file a warranty claim, the manufacturer will require proof of regular professional cleanings.

PRO TIP: When you need to spot clean your carpet, first call the manufacturer of your carpet or the Carpet and Rug Institute to find out the appropriate product to use.
Mohawk Industries   800-266-4295
Shaw Industries  800-441-7429
Engineered Floors                 866-706-9745
Carpet and Rug Institute            706-278-3176

Many cleaning products can set in the stain, or worse, damage the carpet. You will find that if you have a relatively new carpet most stains come up with just plain water.

Also check for any wrinkles, buckles, or ripples in your installed carpet. Call a professional to have the carpet restretched as soon as you begin to notice any ripples.

PRO TIP: Filtration soil is the dark or grayish lines on carpet along walls, stairways, or under doors. Changing the filters regularly on your HVAC system and using vacuums with good filtration systems can help prevent this problem.

Area Rugs---Have your area rugs professionally cleaned, either at your home or at the cleaner’s facility. If you are having your rugs cleaned at your home, be sure they are moved onto your driveway, garage, or deck for the cleaning, so the floor underneath is not damaged.

Design Tip
When you have hard surface floors in your bedroom, you almost certainly want a rug or two. There are several ways to place rugs in your bedroom: 
The rug can be under the end of the bed, perpendicular to the bed.  
You can use a runner(s) by the side of the bed for something soft right at your feet the moment you wake up.
For a master suite with an attached sitting area, make this area feel like its own space with a small rug.
PRO TIP: You can also place a rug on top of wall-to-wall carpet, usually for decorative reasons. There are special pads to use to keep the area rug from bunching up and moving.
How Much Does It Cost?
You can choose any carpet in our Design Center and we can have it made into a custom area rug. Depending upon the size and the carpet you select, the price ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. 
Take a look at the Craftworks Collection from Nourison. This line features something for everyone: wool and wool blends, outdoor rugs, extra wide widths (up to 15 feet!). Truly a rug for every taste and space! Prices start at $128.00 for a 2' x 4'.

What’s New At Enhance?
Gorgeous new Karastan carpet! Our new assortment features a wide variety of constructions including patterns, loops, and textures in the latest and most fashionable colorations. The products are also durable, manufactured with premium fibers including nylon, SmartStrand, and wool. Many of the new styles replicate the look of woven wool carpet – at a lower price point and much easier to maintain for active families. The new products feature large, chunky loops, intricate patterns, and bold multicolor loops with fashionable color palettes. Come in and see these beautiful carpets today!
I was FLOORED by Enhance
Madeline in Marietta writes:
“We are so pleased with the job Enhance did regarding the installation of our new floors. The customer service was excellent and the owners of this business were great people! I would highly recommend them.”
Thank you for the nice review. Good luck on the sale of your home – it is gorgeous, and we know you will get top dollar for it!

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