Thinking About A Bathroom Update?

Here’s what’s trending in bathroom design:

Green is the word for 2024, both in the color of bathrooms and in the sustainability meaning of the word. Those who predict these things see a huge swing in the popularity of green. Green cabinets -- many shades -- and especially green tile. Other green features- plants and tubs! Other bathroom colors rising in popularity are blue and earthtones, all of which are very natural and warm.

Sustainable products include stained wood cabinets, recycled tile and countertops, and smart water usage features in both toilets and showers.

The words we are hearing for bathrooms include “sanctuary”, “warmth”, “organic” and “earthtones.” Some of the upgrades we are seeing this year include radiant floor heating, smaller framed mirrors, backlit mirrors, curbless showers, and wallpaper. 

Warmth in the bathroom can be achieved by using warm colors, wood tones, and textures, as well as planned lighting. Some of the newer tiles coming out have a handmade, artisan finish and we are loving this look. Newer cabinets include drawers with outlets and other organizational features. Some new ideas for the bathroom include tiling across the front of the tub and a small fridge in the bathroom (!)

A couple of other spatial ideas include always putting a door on the water closet, and NOT putting a door on the shower (if you have the space to make it large enough)

What’s OUT in bathrooms?

Wall to wall mirrors, all white bathrooms, and vessel sinks.

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the hardest working room in the house, so keep this in mind when you are deciding on surfaces and upgrades. Make them all practical, but also part of a room where you will feel comfortable. 

Need help? Make an appointment to come in and meet with an Enhance Design Consultant and get started on your new bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost?

We looked at our completed bathroom renovations this year and compiled this information:

Master Bath    starting at $35,000

Guest Bath      starting at $20,000

These prices do not include items that the client provided, for example, plumbing fixtures and vanities. Every job is different, but this gives you an idea of typical budget for your bathroom renovation.

Wonderful World of Window Treatments

Did you know there is a lot of work that goes into picking the perfect drapery?

Once we had paint color, we were able to eliminate a few.

Here is the window.

Received pictures of the room.

A lot going on in the room! Maybe a full pattern will not work

Lets try a decorative tape.

Okay these work with the paint color

This one turned too gray!

Now it doesn't match

This one turned gray with blue

Now we are too white!

We have a winner!

Completed Drapes will be done in 4-6 weeks, and the customer will have a complete custom look for her windows.